Ksara welcomes you to the rise of storytelling!


Ksara welcomes you to the rise of storytelling!

By Admin G: If you think ‘Touch’ nailed it this year, well you haven’t seen Chateau Ksara’s new campaign yet! Leo Burnett Beirut has finally pushed the boundaries by delivering a high caliber campaign (for a non NGO), Marking thereby, a new positioning to Chateau Ksara and setting it apart from the competition.

378391_366537493440114_741504505_nWhen I first saw those ads, Harry Potter tales popped up to my mind: Priests instead of Wizards, Hanna instead of Harry & Chateau Ksara instead of Hogwart School; same color scheme, the music is very similar too, the sound effects and plenty of similarities beautifully adapted into short movies/commercials announcing the true invasion of storytelling as the newest advertising technique after its prior rise in design more than a year ago.

However, the adaptation goes beyond expectations using mixed languages and religious slangs, and for the first time, not to point out on the Lebanese culture deficiencies, but as a reflection of genuine consumer behavior. Hell yeah! We all speak three languages in one single sentence that it becomes natural and hearing the mix in Ksara’s ads did not sound odd at all, but authentic!

Ksara’s campaign celebrates its 150 years with a new approach of advertising shutting down the 150 superlative adjectives that they could have used: it’s funny, insightful and beautifully art directed.

Stories with the right amount of drama captivating mind and soul.

We’re still waiting for the rest of this campaign…let’s hope, we did not get too excited!

  1. It took me 3 views to actually like it…I did mention it as a fail on Twitter at first, but I don’t think it is….I didn’t expect it.

    • Admin I said:

      I’m fond of the authentic slangs and copywriting more than anything. “ya 3adra” is so new in advertising!

      • HishamAD said:

        i like how authentic and bold the use of these terms is.
        Its one of the no-no’s of TV themes. You see there are barely any Christian names, church scenes, icons, or anything related to religion (go ahead non-religious people and hate that)
        but we do use those words and see scenes around us from every sect and we got used to it.

        i liked the ads, and waiting to see if there is any story to be revealed later on

      • Admin I said:

        Indeed! There’s 1 more story..

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Too convoluted, don’t you think? I want to love this, it’s beautiful, entertaining and quite unusual for a wine ad.
    But whatever they’re trying to say gets obscured by the long and confusing end line.
    “There are many stories about the discovery of Ksara caves, but only one original story”

    I spent several minutes trying to make sense out of this line. What does it actually mean?
    What makes Ksara the original story of wine in Lebanon? And what do tales of the discovery of Ksara caves have to do with it?

    On a different note, I think you should add “Almaza El Sultana el Oum” and “Zaatar w Zeit Euro Cup” to the list of worst ads of the year.

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