Sagmeister for Aishti/Aizone SS13: experimental advertising

Sagmeister for Aishti/Aizone SS13: experimental advertising

By Admin NK: While everyone was waiting for the SS13 collection, I was waiting to see what Aishti/Aizone had for us as a campaign. Why? Because we knew the holy moly Sagmeister and his partner Jessica Walsh are going to impress us again. (even though it’s still a debatable/problematic approach to many, but guess what?! we’re designers!)

And no, this is not because Sagmeister is becoming the new obsession icon for designers these days (ehm, like Andy Warhol) but because I really admire how he thinks outside of the box (literarily!)

For this post I managed to combine both Aishti and Aizone campaigns even though there is so much to say. For Aishti, Sagmeister & Walsh took thinking outside of the box to a whole new level; Going from Aishti’s signature orange box to building an actual block, a 3D object/installation, causing an optical illusion. As for Aizone’s campaign (which I personally prefer), the installations differed from using colored powder to light painted calligraphy and a giant hair thread of calligraphy. Seriously Sagmeister & Walsh, can I have access to your brains for just 5 minutes? I love it when a different campaign for a brand goes on the same path, using elements such as calligraphy and boxes from the previous campaigns to remind us of the same brand essence. And the results turned out pretty awesome, and highly experimental.

Although, I found a small contrast in all of this, which was the fact that a silly human being could look at it and say “oh, hello photoshop” even though the photographer behind the campaign’s scenes (Henry Hargreaves) did mention that they tried to keep the concept as true as possible without doing so many retouches. But watching the behind the scenes knowing that those things REALLY took place in reality, does blow your mind in both campaigns! It’s a shame that those digital effects took more place than actually keeping it real.

I would give a big applause for this, since I think it is better than the previous campaigns, not to the digital effects made, but to the whole brainstorming and work put behind it. LEARN you agencies to stop visual mass production for a second!


“For Aishti SS13 we used the signature orange Aishti gift box as a building block for a series of impossible shapes. These illusions are traditionally 2d shapes which our brain interprets as 3d objects, so we thought it’d be an interesting challenge to take it to the next level and try to build these shapes dimensionally.

For Aizone SS13: As this Spring campaign is the first using color, we thought bright bold powders would be an appropriate and fun way to introduce color to the brand. We were inspired by the Holi Festival of Color which takes place every year in India in celebration of Spring. For the mens image, we hired a talented light painting artist to create calligraphic inspired type using light instead of a brush. The last installation we made is a giant typographic hair piece that we built and photographed in a garage space.”

Art Direction, Design: Sagmeister & Walsh, Pascal Schönegg Photography: Henry Hargreaves Production: Group Theory / Ben Nabors Creative Retouching: Erik Johansson Hair Stylist: Gregory Alan Makeup: Anastasia Durasova Stylist: Don Sumada BTS Video: Brian Petchers 



  1. Kurt Nobrain said:

    Aishti is in a league of its own. *****

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    A campaign that resembles its target audience: beauty without brains.

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