Rana Salam Rebrands Bassam Fattouh


Rana Salam Rebrands Bassam Fattouh

By Admin NK and Admin I: “Bassam Fattouh, the leading make up artist in the Middle East commissions Rana Salam to update his brand image and design his make up packaging launching in 2012” taken from Rana Salam’s blogpost.

Apparently most of the people who knew Rana Salam got excited and couldn’t wait for the results after the announcement since Rana was one of the well known designers with a strong re-branding cultural work in the Middle East (check out her work).
But how were the results? Well for criticizers like us, we will pretty much emphasize on the bad part of the re-branding (which is most of it).
What’s up with the badly 3D photoshop samples?! I mean if you’re used to see the work and photography on Rana’s website, you wouldn’t really believe that this is part of her work (the badly misplaced logo on the bottles, the butterflies coming out of the bottle.. I’ll leave the rest for you to see); it’s very easy to do realistic 3D modeling, or just shoot what you have ya’ll!

Let’s move on to the packaging: Before we start, I’d like to mention that the illustrations shown on the boxes are by Liselotte Watkins (I never heard of her but got the chance to check her great illustrations). Watkins is known for her fashion illustrations done for some of the biggest fashion houses and publications including Prada, Miu Miu, H&M, Vogue and Elle magazine.. And how is her illustration used? OVERLAID on a box. Where is the creativity in that? It is an overrated idea that we used in our first design classes. The logo and information are also overlapping with the whole design which makes them hardly stand out.

The illustration work produced for Fattouh is probably one of her worst works in comparison with her folio; she was either drunk and/or high, or maybe just underestimating a third world country make up artist, just like what his homie Rana Salam did. The whole job looks unfinished, unprofessional and very dated (unless  the brief was like: i want something 80s ugly with all the visual cliches in the world).

And here we reach the logo: after a prior fail, the lifting process did lift the very little left out of this poorly original logotype. The type treatment looks very generic and overused. Fine, the product user/viewer might not be a *brofessional designer but it’s just very disappointing to see potentials going to waste, and big names underestimating their audiences. We are talking about a make up artist here, where i’m expected to see some sort of fluency and harmony in the whole identity. And please make this a rule, never ever put a butterfly on a design in the 21st century. Just because a butterfly is known as a cliche symbol for “girly” things doesn’t mean you can just stick it to a logo and go like “oh this looks girly and nice”. If that was the case, then us designers shouldn’t exist, never, on this earth.

Let’s stop puking butterflies, as much as the idea sounds tempting.

old packages 2

Old packages looking much more interesting on an experimental level

old packages

Old packages looking much more interesting on an experimental level

  1. Najib said:

    Doesn’t that resemble Haifa in her ad with Zoughaib?

    • Admin I said:

      Not really but it does look like every cliche girly shit in town..

  2. no comments!!! not only on this project but on many… i never really understood the hip behind her name, i just cant find a lot of creativity to inspire from, her work is more of a collection of vintage style images manipulated using different filters.
    i might be wrong of course bass el dene azwe2 as they say 🙂
    would really appreciate your feedback on my point of view…

    • Admin I said:

      I think Rana Salam did Arabic Pop the right way, at the right time. It was all about timing, the scene lacked back then having Arab pop… Sadly trends end, and design evolves, something that famous people don’t understand!

  3. Admin NK said:

    Hey Sami. About what you said “her work is more of a collection of vintage style images manipulated using different filters”, that’s partly true and all I can say is that a design can adapt to a certain style in most of his/her projects but over using something that has been done SO many times doesn’t make it unique anymore and lacks creativity.

  4. Souad said:

    now that’s a harsh review! but i do agree on some points!

  5. I think you were actually being nice with your criticism! Extremely disappointing and a VERY weak, academic (GD1), campaign/branding. Sad that only big names would be given a big budget only to do something so mediocre.

    • Admin I said:

      Well, sadly, big names stop designing right after they become big.

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