Social Media Awards Beirut – Reviewed

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Social Media Awards Beirut – Reviewed

By Admin I: it finally happened, the buzzing event that managed successfully to become the talk of all online platforms, in a way that made everyone forget about hidden agendas, the Lebanese mindset of a conspiracy theory. It was successfully okay, we cannot deny that, especially if compared to other events being held in Lebanon, certainly not ‘Tedx’ bad, you know.

Everyone was there, the glam, the meh and the disastrous, and we showed up in a tribute costume to the wickedly famous Panda Cheese ads meeting our fierce competitors, you know with their fake smiles and blonde dates, yes the kind of blondes that thought an ‘angry panda’ was ‘cute’ *shoot her*. So Panda overheard some Leo+alfa hate, and was almost beaten by Little miss sunshine aka. Tedx Beirut’s Sarah Sibai (that never gets angry).

Aaaand we didn’t win. But let me tell you, this time we will be the sore loser, we’ve been behaving for a month! The only reason why we accepted a nomination by the event’s organiser, placed in the wrong category, was a friend’s advice to show sportsmanship, but screw it. We do not belong to the ‘best business blog’ category dudes! We review creative works and write design related posts that you probably failed to read while creating a facebook page after the other. Well you know what? It’s highly calculated, being with ‘Wamda’ in one group. Wamda won, mabrouk (we really mean it), but give me a break, those guys offer a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA region, THE MENA FREAKIN REGION, and we’re a local bunch of bloggers. Wamda is funded, and helps funding startups. Tell me about fair competition. That is mere NONSENSE.

Anyways, we didn’t win, you know, even David Habchy, Elie Fares and Amal al Dahouk didn’t, so we can live with it. the regular pals did, Najib, Gino, the social media accounts held by the organisers, the venue and ha–ii–fa-a-a.

Oh oh, another caliber hint: Almaza, Cheyef 7alak and Lebanese Memes won more than one category, Poly performed (while people devoured the buffet) and Neshan’s poetic drama was more hilarious than Nemr bou Nassar,see, something to be proud of. not.

The event is a fail by all fair measures, except the ones evolving around media buzz, great success. Tanks haifa, tanks.

(The afterparty was awesome Ragmag, awesome!)

Here’s the full list, check it out (Wait for the panda pictures later).

1. Best Business Blog: Wamda
2. Best Commercial District on Social Media: ABC
3. Best Start-up on Social Media: Tickle My Brain
4. Best Facebook Application: Novo
5. Best Facebook Campaign/Page: Lebanese Memes
6. Most Creative Instagram Account: Live Love Beirut
7. Most Engaging Diplomat/Politician on Twitter: Ziyad Baroud
8. Best Lifestyle Blog: Mich Café
9. Best Food & Beverage Brand: Almaza
10. Best Pub/bar on Social Media: February 30
11. Best NGO/Organization on Twitter: Donner Sang Compter
12. Best Design for a Social Media Campaign: Almaza
13. Best Fashion Brand on Social Media: Vero Moda
14. Best Food Blog: No Garlic No Onions
15. Best Fashion Blog: Plush Beirut
16. Most Engaging Person on Twitter: Anis Tabet
17. Best Technology Blog: Microsoftoholic
18. Most Engaging Youtube Channel: Cheyef 7alak
19. Most Engaging Media Personality on Twitter: Neshan
20. Best News Blog: Beirut Spring
21. Most Engaging Youtube Video: Beirut Duty Free Flashmob
22. Best NGO/Community on Social Media: Lebanese Memes
23. Best Non-Arabic Vocal Artist: Anthony Touma
24. Best Restaurant, Café or Bakery on Social Media: Roadster Diner
25. Best Band on Social Media: Mashrou3 Leila
26. Best Personal Blog: Gino’s Blog
27. Best Hotel on Social Media: Phoenicia Hotel
28. Most Engaging Celebrity on Twitter: Haifa Wehbe
29. Best Media Personality on Social Media: Zaven
30. Best Business on Social Media: Roadster Diner
31. Best Integrated Campaign: Cheyef 7alak
32. Blog of the Year: Blog Baladi
33. Social Campaigning Magnet Award: Lana El Sahley

Check Elie’s awesome review.

  1. Very disappointing! and so unfair to put you in the wrong category, knowing that you’re almost the only blog, to approach reviews and critiques in the advertising field…. and mostly not being “2ortet za2ifeh” and ass kissers to the big shots in the industry to get more audience, followers, or other “benefits”…
    Too bad, you didn’t win in the competition, but you are always a winning blog, for your great work, your sharpness and high standards…
    Bravo Brofessional review, always…
    All my respect and support to you guys…
    It’s the only blog i visit constantly, and read all of your posts when i get notified!

    • Asameena, you made our day. Thank you very very much, it is because of your support that we’re still pulling those efforts.

      • You deserve it all, and thank YOU 🙂

  2. Sareen said:

    Yalla it’s ok. I was kinda in the wrong category myself. I’m certainly not a “personal blog”, I wish they had a best illustrator/designer category. Hopefully it’ll get better next year!

    • Indeed Sareen, there are many illustration blogs around (Fouad Mezher, David Habchy, Nadine Feghaly..) and they deserve a category, at least it would be more relevant than best restaurant doing crap on social media.
      Good luck for you too, I don’t think BR will be contributing next year. :))

  3. Philippe said:

    AND a blog about design did not comment on the SMA design -_-

    • The post is not about the design approach of the SMAs. We truly respect the fact that you did all the work alone and we’ve already expressed that it was appealing and appropriate for the event, we had a long twitter thread with you.. Don’t worry we’ll feature your work in specific design posts later. Many more to come for you and us. Good luck!

      • Philippe said:

        Love the Broffesional reply, I was kidding folks! That said a lot of people deserve the win, but not everyone can win, right? I mean Brutus is just as Cute as Caesar.
        Keep going X

      • Not really, imagine Brutus being Gino and Caesar being Najib. -.-

  4. What? The panda is still alive?? Beware panda, Little Miss Sunshine is still after you….always look behind your back, you never know when she is near…and this time, she’ll suck the negativity out of you and all your posts will be positive forever more! mwahahaha

    Little Miss Sunshine :P.

    • Admin I said:

      OMG Sarah you’re obnoxious positivity can be transmitted digitally as well. nooo noooo 😛

    • Admin I said:

      I bet you took it. It tastes good with breakfast.

      • Ah you know me too well! I kept it for dinner though!

  5. There was free alcohol which makes everything ok. Stop complaining.

  6. Hi Guys,

    In my books and coming from BR “not TedX bad” translates as “pretty awesome”. So thank you for the shoulder pat and we will be trying even harder next year.

    Regarding your nomination as business blog, you already had this discussion before on twitter and received feedback from the organizers, so I am not gonna plunge into that once more. If you still want to discuss it, I would be happy to give Panda a call or buy him a cup of coffee anytime.

    Keep on blogging, it is all that matters!



    • Admin I said:

      Darine, you’re adorable (I hope you’re not less adorable in reality) but let me be clear,
      We were stuck there to guarantee our loss, and that gives us the right to argue about it.. We’d better lose for worthy blogs our direct competitor Tarek Chemaly or other ones found in the same category. But competing with entrepreneurs like Wamda is just.. umm am not going to say.

  7. It’s hilarious how this is being compared to a TEDx event. I must say though it’s wonderful that people have different tastes.

    • Admin I said:

      Hayete Sarah, your positive energy is kind of blinding sometimes, SMAs were compared to how BAD this year’s Tedx was.
      Lots of Sun and rainbows and pumping hearts your way!! 😀

      • Sarah Rocks! That’s the right attitude!

  8. heehee. Actually, I knew exaclty what you were referring to :). You can’t compare apples and oranges!

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