On creative collaboration 1 : My.Kali

By Admin I :  So we’ve been called several new nicknames lately, all hinting to the fact that we’re having a pessimistic tendency in our posts, and that we should encourage creative work bla bla; and because we really need to breath out of advertising, here’s a new chain of posts entitled: ‘On creative collaboration’ where we feature amateur and professional creative platforms that are trying to make a change in the visual scene.

So you guys should meet ‘MY.KALI‘. As defined by founders, this platform is an online social and lifestyle magazine, fights repressive forms, norms and stereotypes through art therapy, photography and psychology. My.Kali is imperceptible; difficult to perceive by narrow minded societies. Tackling issues of women rights, personal politics, sexuality, homosexuality, freedom of speech and media. The magazine also reflects many universal human desires and dreams that hold the key to making sense of a world where the only certainties now are change, revolution and love. (a bit over-the-top poetic, I know)

As defined by us Brofessionals, My.Kali is space done by and for creative minds to unleash a hidden or repressed flow of ideas and share their concerns with the world, which is not necessarily new, but definitely worth crediting, since the work happens in collaboration between Amman and Beirut, the two rising cities of this culturally doomed Arab World.

“The return of the online magazines. Powerful, dramatic, original, creative and wickedly alluring. No Black & White, only Grey forces. Introducing the next generation…”

What’s also interesting about the approach is that it’s clearly at a level where the work is seriously worth checking for creative reference, refined aesthetically and highly expressive. This online magazine looks like an experimental piece of Pop visual art (the good dosage), from photography to music and other fields. Whether Mashrou’ Leila’s ‘Hamed Sinno’ was the one making you drool over the screen or a story about a guy wearing Uggs, this experience is a pleasant eye/brain candy that’s worth being taken to a whole other level.

“imagine how a piece of clothing can emerge a challenge, for someone to be more himself, for hateful people to more hateful, and strengthen or weaken the developing relationship between the individual and the mass, and not individual vs. mass”

Cheers to creative collaboration and free minds!

Go to http://mykalimag.com/


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