Designed & Signed by ABC: a triangle from the Brofessionals?


Designed & Signed by ABC: a triangle from the Brofessionals?

By Admin HY: so ABC decided to approach Lebanese designers and artists, and tell them “Hey, take our triangle, and interpret it your own way! Add to it, mix it, modify it and make a statement piece!”. By doing that ABC pushed the boundaries by using and manipulating their brand and taking it to the next level, yet keeping their consistent and unified symbol: the triangle. And it’s all for a good cause! Now that’s a smart thing to do. The full 100% of all donations are used to cover the medical expenses of underprivileged children suffering from CHD, those donations will go to the Brave Heart Fund, a charitable fundraising initiative established by volunteers in November 2003.

So far we’ve seen 3 and I can’t wait to see more.

Now as a designer to be, I’ve always been interested in processes and how designers and artists that we know, come up with their ideas …Where do they start? How do they evolve? Do they start with one idea and build upon it like Zena El Khalil? Or wake up one morning and visualise the whole thing like Roger Moukarzel? And that’s what I really loved about the videos released.

“Designed & Signed” will go on for one year (before the final auction), hopefully more videos will be uploaded and we’ll be introduced to more point of views.

By Admin I: for those who don’t know (or are too lazy to google), Zeina Khalil is a visual artist producing very pink, patterned and pop works for different purposes; Zeina is one of the ‘we do Arab pop art’ circle, mixing heritage with all sorts of glitters and feathers (the Rana Salam kill-me-now trend).

Roger Moukarzel is a talented photographer that started in journalism then moved to fashion photography *dollar sign blings* and is known for an orientalist eye to portraits.

Ashekman are two lebanese brothers that founded a rap band, a clothing brand and other graffiti-i-ish/we-are-cool westernized perception of the Lebanese slangs.

Hoping to see more interesting choices for designers, (I can smell Rana Salam, Nada Debs and other names from that sort of ‘I sell you your own heritage for a fortune’) but hopefully ABC can take a deeper look to what’s happening on a less privileged level, check local uprising artists, the ones that lack a business-oriented mind.


  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Bricolage much?

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        Ma tetla2man 3layyeh.

  2. Oh F%*k!!
    F*#k ABC and all the Alphabets for this campaign, the bad thing of this campaign is that ABC and you “Brofessinal battikh” consider that Roger Moukarzel and Asjekman artists.

    • Admin I said:

      it’s not our fault if you can’t understand sarcasm. If you check Admin I’s description of those choices you’d know in what category we classify them. Reading is a free practice: read.

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        I’m so sick of all the “ugly on purpose” designs that they call call Arab pop art. There’s more to graphic design than sticking old movie posters on objects.

      • Admin I said:

        Very true, which we noted in the description of Zeina’s work. ya3ne critic, you always mesmerize us, but it took you 113 comments to excel it! 😛

  3. zshandra said:

    Where can we check some of your design work? 🙂

  4. Baladashsham said:

    That halfwits like Al-Khalil and Salem are chosen to represent “local” art/design is such an insult both to the unheard local realm of true craftspeople and artists but also to the artists that these two steal from to make their names (only after slapping copyright notices on their “work”.)

    If I drank 20 liters of bright-pink PeptoBismol and then threw up onto a canvas, this might be the start of my critique of Zeina Khalil’s “oeuvre”. That anyone pays these people any mind—much less any money—is a sad statement on the state of this “country” that we unfortunately have to share with them.

    • Admin I said:

      That’s indeed a sad reality.. Very well said.

  5. Dany said:

    Who are you to do an abc triangle! Pathetic!!!

      • h said:

        Ah ah admin i love ur comments! in fact its true, ur blog is one hell of a blog that once read; is never enuf.. interesting point of views. and the choice of ur words.

      • Admin I said:

        Thanks for the support H

  6. Bite Me said:

    You criticize and think you’re better than internationally known artists: Moukazel, Zankoul, Ashekman, … show us what you got, prove that you’re worthy of giving reviews, and then come back with your oBinions!
    If you were so good at design, you wouldn’t be “writing” blogs, but rather painting some. I mean, have you LOOKED at this blog? Is it white because designing your background is too mainstream? 😛 LOL!

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