Mukhi Sisters Valentines 2013: Get fluent in Female!

Mukhi Sisters Valentines 2013: Get fluent in Female

By Admin NJ: Valentines is coming soon to a couple near you, and there comes the campaigns along with it. It’s the season of love, and BR loves to see what you got for us!

Once upon a Valentine, we all knew what Jewelry campaigns were like in Lebanon, just some dry as dust campaigns that only highlight the jewelry and the goddess that enjoys them during the shooting (her boobs precisely). Jewelry stores are the highest selling during this season, but their shine is lost as soon as they release the campaigns.

Last year Republique Beirut introduced a new approach to advertising jewelry, with a ‘Rated Fresh’ campaign. This year Mukhi showed the audience a slick approach mixed with a dry taste for execution.

Under the headline ‘Get fluent in Female this Valentines’, the campaign trains you to understand what your woman desires on this day.  The posters show a phone translating the ‘English’ language into ‘Female’ language; a humorous approach that tackles the everlasting gap between what women want and what men offer. The copywriting is well thought of and played the main key in making this campaign a winner, but is it a definite winner? Not really.

The art direction is a flop. When the approach is minimal and clean, every element becomes a target of the visual critic. I mean people, seriously? The days of using a pop-up bubble conversation is way too much from the past, especially when it’s the campaign’s main headline. The type treatment should’ve been better thought of and displayed for an enhanced hierarchy to avoid the cheap dark pop up cloud at the bottom. The above visual outcome is what makes the bottom fall out in this campaign, and the whole color scheme looks, sad!

In the days where we lack a clear concept, Mukhi ruined our Valentine spirit by releasing a weak outcome for a strong concept; the result is a sad romance amidst the love season.





  1. DXBGIRL said:

    This made me laugh!!! Not sure what you mean about the art direction but i think its straight to the point.

    • Admin I said:

      It’s indeed a good funny campaign, but what we meant is that it ‘looks’ sad for such a season.

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    A big polar bearish yawn…

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Sorry bas ma kharatit bi Mukhi.

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