Zaatar w Zeit: all ears!

Zaatar w Zeit: all ears!

By Admin I:   It seems that in the end, we managed to find a brand that listens in this country; after dissecting its failing rebranding job and the whole social media buzz it caused, Zaatar w Zeit opened up to new horizons.

If you remember well, or still go to one of their ‘not-yet’ revamped branches, you would notice that what characterizes the place, is the welcoming sketchy vibe, the colorful illustrations that were totally dumped when ZWZ decided to go ‘oh la la minimal’.

As much as we hated and still hate the new identity, Zaatar w Zeit managed to fascinate us in its new Gemmayzeh branch. It’s a show stopper!! The illustrations are back, reworked to suit the new urban clean feel of the restaurant, in black and white, depicting a Gemmayzeh typical scenery with all its contradictions and interesting stereotypes.

To say the least, ‘Fouad Mezher‘ managed to execute a marvelous piece of art, bringing back ‘the’ factor that was missing at such a dry environment. The branch is alive, visually stimulating and tells a story, and is a quite live proof that listening to feedback can always make things better (even though we’re not super sure why they changed direction).

Other branches are still screaming for this detailed appeal to the eatery, certifying that ‘branding’ can become a step beyond a clean logo and a hip menu design, it’s a whole experience you guys!

Good job!

  1. Kurt Nobrain said:

    Do 1984 have anything to do with it?

  2. Natsy said:

    nice! i was wondering why the walls were so white a month ago! now they need to tackle service, 😛

  3. Sareen said:

    This is gorgeous. Fouad is brilliant. I love his work.

    • Admin I said:

      He indeed is brilliant, looking forward to see more of your work!

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