Samsung CTC: missing the big idea

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Samsung CTC: missing the big idea

By Admin NK: Samsung, or may we call it the ‘Lebanese version of Samsung’ (you´ll understand this throughout the post) has released a new TVC promoting their phone warranty. The aim is to be funny but the result will leave you with a “seriously!?” at the end of the video. With a capital S.

I mean I personally had to repeat it to understand the concept. Not because I have a mental disability of not understanding failed Lebanese humour but because I´m a “brofessional” that needs to act all “bro” and cover failed Lebanese advertisement for you.
So let´s start with a few things: Can we stop with the big old phone joke? There are tons of viral videos using this same trick all over the internet (check this link). And no one can use them as a spare anymore anyway, so it doesn´t really make sense (forced humour ya’ll). Maybe it would’ve been much clever for the Lebanese version of Samsung to add a competitive brand (just like the awesome Apple vs Samsung ads that we’ve seen) instead of putting a phone that has no meaning whatsoever; adding a competitive brand doesn’t mean going blunt about it, since our media law restricts such brand uses, but at least doing something interesting that’s a bit less cheesy.
Guys we admire the whole we´re-not-showing-our-product thing but I still think that the big idea is missing here, big time!
  1. Dudette said:

    can someone please explain the print to me.

    • Admin I said:

      Those are visuals from their Fb page saying:
      #7allak t7ot ejrek bi may berde!
      #7allik tkhaffefe “duck face”
      You can still win your very own #SamsungGalaxyS4

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