MTV Lebanon gets inspired* again!

MTV Lebanon gets inspired* again! 

By Admin I (Thanks to ‘NM’ a lovely reader): so we really appreciate and encourage local channels working to enhance their art direction, modernize their image and make up for the bad content bla bla, but it seems that some TV stations (okay it’s MTV Lebanon) have misunderstood the concept.

Guys, sitting allday on Vimeo drooling over animations and creative works should inspire you to do stuff of your own, to ‘create’ instead of copy-pasting. It’s such a shame to see another inspired* TVC done by the same station! Months ago, it was ‘Men El Ekhir’ with a copied promo, this time it’s their morning show ‘Alive’. The same pastels, the split-screen, the cake, the huge letters, the sky and more than one similarity that could make it a coincidence.

We don’t have much to say, other than the fact that we don’t expect much from local tv, especially if the logo is a TF1 copy, and most of the promos are inspired*. In the end TV reflects audience not vice versa and the question of originality is very very secondary in a country where Lara Kay is more famous than the amazing Tania Saleh. Go figure!Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.20.17 PM

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  1. so much for respecting copyrights! is this sad sad inspiration brought up by Natalie Masri too?.. I’d really like to know.. it’s impossible that there are so many brilliant creative directors who can’t find jobs around here, meanwhile there are others who are simply stealing concepts and ideas as they are and are out there being proud of themselves.. some of us can do a much better job!!

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