Byblos Bank goes oh-lala-leb-land

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Byblos Bank goes oh-lala-leb-land

By Admin NJ: Byblos Bank is back to promote optimism in Lebanon, because let’s face it, bank deals and loans really makes us so happy that we’ll be in dept for the rest of our lives. Byblos was looking for an advertising comeback by releasing a series of TVCs under the headline “Deyman Fi Lebnene Haddak” by FP7.

“Wherever you are in Lebanon, there’s always a Lebanese by your side.Live with optimism”

All of these commercials start with a father- who probably works at a bank- telling his son that his dad and every other Lebanese citizen got his back, with the most absurd ambiguous voice over. It then jumps to a casual Lebanese scene from the daily life, and by that we mean introducing cute old ladies.

Old ladies are the new black; get an old lady to remember a funny script and you’re all set! Don’t you think that this has turned into a Cliché? Anyone?

Other than old ladies, the ad shows people facing everyday life problems and so on . This commercial does deliver its main message, but doesn’t succeed to penetrate the brains of the Lebanese neither with the visual nor with the lines; insightful indeed, but lacks newness.

You got other TVCs that are perfectly executed out there, get inspired by Bank med’s pick up line “we2fet 3layye” (or not) or perhaps the new ‘Touch’ campaign, it’s visually lush. Raise your standards, deceive our expectations about a typical Lebanese commercial and introduce a bit of flavor. This commercial will be out of any viewer’s memory very soon.

Come on Christmas show us your good stuff!

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  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    After 15 of civil war and another ongoing sectarian “cold war” I find it hard to swallow the promise that there’s always a Lebanese by my side. Cut the crap Byblos and your interest rates, while you’re at it. Don’t flatter the Lebos that much.

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