The ‘real’ illustrators of Lebanon 02

The ‘real’ illustrators of Lebanon 02

We promised to make this post a regular brofessional eye-candy, and here we are! This time we decided to shed light on another set of Lebanese illustrators experimenting with different styles and techniques, hoping that illustration would exist on its own one day in a country where even the big consumerist lie called Graphic Design, is underrated.

In the past few weeks, we’ve heard some lines being repeated frequently, such as ‘those who cannot design, draw’ and ‘those who cannot design, teach’, so from BR to every Graphic Designer currently going through his existential crisis: you’ll be okay, it’s fine if in the end some people had to do logos and menus for the rest of their lives.

By Admin NK: Ghadi Ghosn is known for his contribution to Samandal (can we say how much we love and appreciate that publication?!) and Le Misérable. Ghadi never fails to entertain us with his witty humor; not only his comics make you fall in love with the story, but his different techniques make a warm combination of joyful black and white and colored series. In the end of the day, who doesn’t enjoy a bunch of weird creatures based on humans? This illustrator’s skills almost extend to reach different illustration styles from comic books, to line drawings to colored pieces, making his whole journey look like a liberated flow of work that looks effortless, yet highly engaging.

By Admin I: Joan Baz is an illustrator and animator and is probably one of the weirdest visual artists we’ve ever been exposed to. From collage to linoleum to woodblock printing to spray, 3d, 2d to whatever  d, the girl can bounce and juggle a wide spectrum of interests and techniques. Even though some of Joan’s work is highly similar to David habchy’s (and vice versa, they work together on many projects), yet something remains more absurd in what she does, less expected and always well packaged to entertain without getting too serious (the boring serious). It’s noteworthy to mention that Joan, David, and a group of other visual artists, founded the ‘Waraq’ collective which will have its own post, very very soon.

By Admin HY: Wissam Eid is one of our favourite illustrators with a fascinating talent. His work is complex, highly intriguing and makes you want to dig deeper and look more and more into it. (I swear I can trip for hours at some). Whether large scale illustrations (Like the the ones for “Sophie’s choice” windows), Digital works or traditional (all found on his blog) He never fails to impress. What I personally like about his work is the diversity and richness of each piece: More is more! (making Admin I proud). Moreover, the illustrations with clustered grouped interrelated characters are such an eye candy! 
I have this urge to give Wissam a huge wall and have fun all day long (ok that was a bad closure).
It was a fun selection of more ‘freestyle’ illustration works,


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