Pikasso des copycats 2012

Pikasso Des copycats 2012

By Admin I: Once again, another advertising awards ceremony, a low caliber event just before the big Dubai Lynx happening in 3 weeks. Les Affichages Pikasso held the annual Pikasso d’Or at Biel, and yes everyone was there: the copycats, the industry’s so-called Gurus and every single creative that went to receive his award then bash the festival for being a small scale event. Guys, it’s your loss not having social media and bloggers invited, your definite loss!

For its 20th edition of the Pikasso d’Or 2012 assessed 176 visuals, presented by 20 agencies. Most of those campaigns were the star-copycats of the year that it’s even too weird to see their creators ‘proudly’ holding the statue. It requires too much balls to be proud of a copied work!

C&F campaign by Impact BBDO was voted the best creative campaign of 2012 by the Jury for this year. (copied)

Pikasso D’Argent Award : Impact BBDO Beirut – Vape (like seriously)

Pikasso De Bronze : Nineteen84 – Sophie’s Choice

Multivisual Award : FP7 CesarDebbas & Fils (the only well deserved)

Digital Award : Wondereight – Dunlop (as floppy as it can get)

Supersize Gold : Nineteen84 Zaatar w Zet

Supersize Silver :Impact BBDO Beirut – Cimenterie Nationale (beautiful art direction)

Supersize Bronze : LeoBurnett Beirut – Beit Misk

Mall Award : Spirit – Jamil Saab & CO

Special Jury Award : M&C SAATCHI – BLF (copied art direction)


Well, it’s not that we expected hugely creative outcomes having spent a dry creative year in general, but we just cannot and will never be able to surpass plagiarized work getting credited; those results can never ever compete with the worst adsoftheworld submission. Too bad!

  1. josef said:

    would be nice to show the original work so we compare it to the copycats…

    • Admin I said:

      links added 🙂 (still missing one, to be found tomorrow)
      thanks for asking!

      • Georges said:

        Hey Jussy, as the copywriter for the Debbas campaign, I’d like to point out that similar puns do pop up in different minds.
        We were sent this very link later (after the campaign was launched) and I never felt the need to apologize for thinking of a pun that someone (apparently in New York) had already thought of.

        I’m sorry if you believe that “similar idea” means “copied idea”, but feel free to check out the numerous other witty headlines displayed during this very wide campaign.


  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Who in their right mind would intern at Clementine? People should be payed millions to work at that dump.
    The are claims that Picasso stole the work of African artists. For an awards show that rewards copycats and celebrates thievery, Pikasso seems suitably named to me.

  3. josef said:

    Any chance to see the Pikasso D’or (C&F) original? you mentioned it is copied… where is it copied from?

  4. Andrew Rawlins said:

    As the secretary general of the Pikasso d’Or jury, and someone who has been involved in creative awards for the last 26 years, I would like to go on record as saying that I think this piece is one of the most childish and unprofessional that I’ve ever seen; “like seriously”, its “as floppy as it can get”!

    What kind of comments are these? You don’t like the Dunlop ad but you haven’t taken the trouble to to understand why it won Pikasso’s digital award (because the message was only exposed when it was raining heavily).

    It’s too easy to attack award-winning work by claiming it’s not new and not backing that up with concrete examples. “Copied art direction”; just because the typography in the poster is similar to a TV spot that was based on a completely different creative idea? Give me a break!

    “Copied from a student who interned at Clementine”; maybe, but the work was entered by Clementine – don’t agencies have the right to use the ideas of the people they employ?

    How about some positive comments? Like for Beit Misk, for example, that talks about real estate in a language that’s never been used before? Or the exquisite photography of Sophie’s Choice, featuring real customers?

    Have you ever actually worked in advertising? Are you envious of the people who do?

    Or are you just pissed off because you didn’t get a free lunch?

    For that, my friend, you must first earn some respect.

    Andrew Rawlins

    • Admin I said:

      Hello Sir,
      First, this blog IS unprofessional hence its name is Brofessional (a Lebanese play on word). So we’re not offended.

      I’m sorry to say that people work very very hard to come up with ideas and visual treatments, and yes, getting inspired even on the level of art direction is unfair to many, and shouldn’t ever happen. (we’re free to keep our principles).
      and NO NO NO Clementine cannot borrow from an intern, without asking for permission. It’s unethical and it was not produced when the intern was there, it was found in her university portfolio, so you better research your campaigns before awarding them.
      Beit Misk is a good ad, yet the amount of poorly deserved campaigns was overwhelming that we couldn’t give each campaign its right amount of credit, and concerning Sophie’s choice, we do not cannot call a visual, a ‘campaign’ if it wasn’t promoted as one, we’ve never seen that work before, therefore, we disregarded it.

      Whether we worked in advertising or not, we deserve your respect being the most influential blog on that level. Had we not been making sense, people would’ve stopped following us a while ago. We are regular people talking to regular people and making creatives aware that they should think twice before stamping a ‘stupid’ label to their audience.

      I believe your comment was disrespectful to Pikasso D’or itself,
      Thank you for the time you spent here.

      BR Team.

    • Dear Andrew, I would like to reply to your “What kind of comments are these” question with a “what kind of questions are these” (referring to your “Have you ever actually worked in advertising? Are you envious of the people who do? Or are you just pissed off because you didn’t get a free lunch?”) which really reminds me of those times when we were kids and didn’t really know how to argue.

      If you haven’t realized it yet, this a free community expressing their opinions and deepest criticism towards campaigns that people like you, unfortunately, defend. And again, I would advise you to understand the concept of this blog before you throw your hateful, oh my god, comments.

      Take a chill pill and enjoy the posts man! Design and advertising are all about beautiful arguments and controversies!


  5. JAK said:

    Hi there. I believe you received a letter from Andrew Rawlins as a response for the above post. Do you feel like sharing it with your fans?

    • Admin I said:

      You have to relax… We never delete comments mr.

  6. andrado said:

    Looks like it’s more attacking Pikasso than agencies and the creatives…

  7. Kurt Nobrain said:

    Any chance to see the C&F original?

    • Admin I said:

      Give us till tonight, it exists but we’re lacking time to dig it up. We’re not disregarding your comment Mr.Nobrain.

  8. khalas, i made up my mind, after some of those wins, i think rah rouh eftah dikéné, like seriously, shou baddon y2oulo 3anna el agenib?!!!

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