“The funniest Nissan Ad” NOT!

Our first radio spot review! 

By Admin G: I thought it was interesting. Speaking with the “Flash news” tone of voice and the noisy background; daring to speak out when others are quiet and trying to give some secure feel among the turmoil that we are facing… but then… then it comes out:

مع وجود انتشار كثيف لعناصر الحماية من :

ABS, 2 airbags, EBD, Brake Assist

لحفظ أمن وأمانة كلّ المواطنين..”

Thank you Nissan. Thank you for the new safety technology that you are offering. The funniest* ad of all in the current situation!

It is true that brands should not remain silent during a certain crisis but for selling expired technology I advise you to! NO, I forbid you!

The relation between the current situation and the new Nissan Sunny release does not make any sense; it just sounds like a cheap investment in the unstable shit we’re involved in as Lebanese. Sorry to be the party pooper here, but I can’t really find any positive aspect of flattening a socio political situation, using it in advertising, and claiming to be funny!

We know Radio ads are not by any means easy, but you gotta brainstorm harder guys!



Mukhi Sisters outshine all Jewelry campaigns!

By Admin I : Simply because the yearly Valentine season with its overwhelming cheesiness is taking a big part of the advertising cake (that is mostly rotten), covering Valentine campaigns becomes a must in a season where most advertisers are jewelry brands; From local to international, our roads are filled with bling-bling billboards and overdone jewelry concepts that can take a brand to a tacky position, despite its tackier jewelry design approach (blue lips, orgasming models and lions jumping from here and there are all we can remember!!)

One very interesting campaign was launched earlier last week by Republique Beirut, an agency proving day by day that there still is room for creative approaches to take place and communicate with a well rounded target audience without underestimating its mental abilities.

The “Mukhi Sisters” campaign is a multi visual approach solidly based on copywriting with a decent presence of the product without distracting the viewer from decoding the information and getting the point behind the copy. Copywriters smartly used famous sentences from songs that somehow relate to women jewelry affection.

Because nobody ever said : Chocolate are for forever / Greeting cards are a girl’s best friend / If you like it then you should’ve put a rose on it; Mukhi Sisters bluntly ask you to buy their beautifully designed jewelry and dump all other sorts of Valentine cliches.

What can we say, great art direction and a super romantic purple gradient (it is officially the first time i like gradients) and a well studied type choice..

Feeling the love in the air, at least my love to good advertising!


Illustration by Admin I

1 month of Brofessional Reviews!

By All Admins : So, we’re basically celebrating our 1-month anniversary and let me admit… I loved every second of it, every post, every successful day and every low viewing rate!

That’s cheesy -I know- but this whole journey made me realize that the online community is indeed the hidden layer that can serve a major role in guiding the creative fields’ newcomers. Hoping that our reviews really translated your thoughts, and helped spreading awareness, even though being “subjectively objective” some times caused us trouble.

In the end, this successful effort attracted more than 5000 visitors from many countries in our first month as well as more than two fierce reactions from advertising agencies (no lawyers at the door yet!) and many loyal friends that we were able to communicate with, whether on twitter or facebook.

The whole team (Admin I, H, N, D & R) thanks our visitors and promise to keep the thrill going; we used to say “we’re a bunch of Lebanese minds having fun in a brofessional* way”  but now we can add “proud” to that description !

Cheers! *virtual Champaign* to everyone !! 

London meets Beirut assembles the Jigsaw pieces 

London meets Beirut By Starch foundation and the British council – Coverage

By Admin I : And I thought Beirut fashionistas would be too busy on a Saturday morning, either sleeping after a long Gemayzeh night, or avoiding “des poches sous les yeux”, but for instance, I was totally shocked to witness such a positive creative energy taking place in one event that was able to attract young students as well as la crème de la crème of the design industry sitting next to each other (sadly, there was no extra chairs for egos) but it all came to be very inspiring and highly interesting.

It started with Stefan Siegel the man behind that showcased his experience showing that success cannot be made without taking risks. Without the cheesy famous quotes, he only told his personal story with its ups and downs until he reached a website that features more than 7000 designers form all over the world, providing exposure, fame and even helping them selling their collections and launch their careers.

The presentation was rich and exciting until the Q&A when people started a debate over online shopping, and paypal service in Lebanon, showing a total lack of concentration that felt as if attending a PR event where everyone is craving to market his own business!

And then came another talk by Philip Delamore; not the crowd’s favorite obviously, but the presentation introduced a new range of design majors and dimensions, even though it looked more like an advertising opportunity for his university than being an inspirational talk. Another similar approach to the topic was showcased by Ursula Geisselmann from Wallpaper magazine, presenting the famous magazine on a very basic level, closer to a Google research that could have saved the flight expenses .. (was that rude?!)

Anyhow, the day went on, and the time came for the Lebanese panel of designers to talk. The 4 chosen speakers were more than inspirational; True examples of how Lebanon is a fertile land for creativity simply because it lacks creative work. Rabih keyrouz, stressing on sharing efforts, Rana Salam on using our own heritage and “playing” with design as she quotes it, Karim Chaya encouraging aspiring designers to collaborate with our local handcrafters that could give impeccable results, and Nada Debs that showed the influence of a multicultural background on a design work.

All in all, London meets Beirut, was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. Wishing some “starch” dust to reach all design fields and not only fashion since as said today:

The pieces of the jigsaw are in this room; let’s create the platform to come together

Some side spices:

– Would loved if students attending the event were more interested in the true content rather than discussing one of the talkers’ wardrobe back when she was their teacher.

– the majority of the questions asked were nonsense and could be easily Googled, Q&A would have been much more interesting .. too bad!

– I’m X and I do X on been doing it for X years and it’s a very successful business / I’m X, studied X but not finding a job .. Seriously ?!

Good Job for Starch and the British council, it was a great day indeed!

Bank Audi and the wannabe “vox pop” 

By admin I : If you ever tried to document the best of the Lebanese commercials, it’s a sure thing that the Bank Audi Tvcs will take the list by a storm. It has been a while that commercials for banks and real estate have diverted into a more pop humanistic approach, dealing with the individual as a potential client whether a young student or an adult business person, simply because the whole banking experience became open to any audience.

It would be unfair not to credit the Audi bank campaigns for this positive approach, simply because the creative team behind those campaigns knew how to shift the classical bank experience into a more enriching journey, filled with memories (we all remember the” Loubnani card” campaign and its old authentic stories) and of course the enchanting “Grow beyond your potential” Tvc that kept people talking for weeks.

“Go out there” is the campaign that was launched few months ago, making a total shift from the emotional “Lebanese” approach to a more dynamic, innovative stop motion tvc targeting a younger audience. The ad was meticulously executed between Lebanon and Europe and the music was successfully tailored to fit the concept’s spirit.

Last but not least, a new Tvc for the leading bank, designed to be a “vox pop” featuring different people talking about the Lebanese individual’s qualities, abilities and capabilities; the ad seems a bit structured, and far from the spontaneity of a real street “vox pop”. It starts funny, yet ends with a sarcastic laughter on the “perfect cast” and the “very scripted” lines, neglecting the fact that such ads should be totally transparent and driven by people’s natural way of talking, without the severe intervention of a copywriter trying to take lead. In this Tvc you see all sorts of visual clichés : a teenager with a guitar talking about being “cool”, a sophisticated woman talking about culture, a fisherman talking about uneducated Lebanese and the cherry that tops the cake : “EDRA” as if those Lebanese youngsters would use such a word, or even talk a whole sentence in Arabic.

Too bad, this very well thought of campaign got drained from its true essence to become another Bank’s campaign, with a whole set of deja vues and forced ideas. Wishing you a bigger “Edra” to be more creative in the next campaigns!

Illustration by Admin I

Illustration by Admin I

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