Debbas: what turns you on?

Debbas: what turns you on?

By Admin I: It’s indeed one of those campaigns that make you want to sleep on the review before publishing it.. It’s weird, but I honestly don’t know why I couldn’t judge it right away; Well designed, smartly written based on the ‘turn on’ concept, and the play on words comes relevant and working in more than one visual (not all of them though).

Being straight forward, sex in advertising is a huge NO. Don’t hint, don’t play on it, don’t use it, just stay away from the cheesy cheap nasty connotations! However, Debbas used sex, and this very well tailored play on word came spot on.

Hilarious line on a minimal layout!! (thanks Hisham for the pic)

Having praised the copywriting and the art direction, it’s now a must to bash the facebook application! Dear creative minds, facebook apps are sooo 2010, we’re done, they’re done, even facebook’s done and Mark is almost broke now! The application adds nothing to the concept, it’s even barely interactive, forced and flat.

Guys, when you come up with a well thought of campaign, you better know where to stop and how to avoid forced ideas, it’s just too bad to lose the good buzz for the ‘blah’ additives.

    • Admin I said:

      the one with the lamp is funny, the chandelier is quite forced but the one nightstand is hilarious, gonna use your photo!

  1. HishamAD said:

    I only saw one and it was funny

    (correct link, please delete previous)

  2. Jessy said:

    hahah! i was wondering when will you review it … did you hear the Radio ad?!?! my eyeballs pupped out … a la Antoinette akiki smeds ad

    • Admin I said:

      haha no i didn’t.. Dont let those Smeds memories come back to haunt me!!

      • Jessy said:

        I heard it today and noted down for you :p
        “are you on? ” … “Plug me in and i will be” – says the lamp (whispering more like saying actually, you can only imagine the voice tone and all)

      • Admin I said:

        This concept can take sooooo many jokes :DDD

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    How to go from ‘Debbas’ to ‘Dibbess ikhwen’ in a single campaign.

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