Queen of Apples takes Gandour Oil to second degree

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(An advertising post until our lazy admins get done with the Beirut Design Week posts)

Queen of Apples takes Gandour Oil to second degree

By Admin NK: Promoting their oil in a non typical funny way, we can finally say that we love the pure sarcasm in this one. Gandour chose the “symbol” of healthiness, and allow us to talk brofessionally here about some design principles: we admire the repetition of the apples in contrast to the oil’s “healthiness” that they’re representing. The smart art direction, the typical healthy wannabe woman preventing her children from all the good food, and the simple humor made it all a win-win!

Is there something missing here though? The script? The ending?
By Admin I: Guys call me cheesy, biased, whatever, but I really think that this campaign is one of best art directed works released in the past few months. I might be a fan of ‘more is more’ when it comes to visuals, and a big big fan of all the intricate work on details in that TVC. Yes NK, it indeed is a good concept probably ruined by the client’s input. Sadly, the last part of the TVC breaks with how cool it started. The whole thing could’ve ended with the fries platter and a line and that’s it. Clearly, an old-school client interfered and wanted to spoon-feed the audience, knowing that convincing Ghandour in a second degree idea is an achievement by itself.
Good job by Y&R, André Chammas and Black Rhino and more precisely Tino Karam for the art direction, and hard luck for the screwed-up ending; you guys totally missed making it a hit!
  1. I am not saying it’s bad, the art direction is indeed interesting and some details very funny (specifically the portrait with the woman with the apple hanging – some sort of an ancestor, or the husband doing the veggie version of “el machewe wel chabeb”). Sadly, for some reason it left me a bit unmoved. No, make that a lot unmoved.

    • Admin I said:

      because it didn’t escalate anywhere I think.. The ending made it blah!

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