The idea had been brewing for a while but it wasn’t until one fateful night, on October 29th, that we finally decided to make it happen. A few days later, Broffesional Review saw the light, caused some problems too!


The team is composed of three graphic design students and two advertising graduates who came together to address the constant bombardment of visuals and designs, to express their frustration and satisfaction on one platform: the blog. We tackle everything related to design: advertising, fashion, media etc. in a very “brofessional” way.


You can always send us posts to publish to our email:, don’t worry if you’re not brofessional* enough! :))

  1. Claude Hatem said:

    Hi there, I am undergoing multimedia studies in France and I was reviewing different Lebanese blogs and yours is generally focused on negative bashing, very little in terms of constructiveness.
    Is it by design to attract audiences, similarly to Lebanese news channels who constantly talk of bad news?
    Do you hide in anonymity to continue bashing everyone without them being able to dialogue with you?
    Are you frustrated with some agencies for not hiring you and thus constantly bashing their work?
    It is disappointing that a good portion of Lebanese bloggers are so negative and frustrated, similarly to the mainstream news outlets that they should provide an alternative view to…

    • Admin I said:

      We appreciate your comment claude, but we strongly disagree simply because our reviews aren’t all negative and our latest ‘touch’ post is quite an evidence. When we started this blog our main aim was stating our minds, we never claimed being professional critiques, therefore being constructive and objective is not truly our concern. We believe that people gathered around the blog because of identifying with what we say, we never asked for the buzz and honestly couldn’t care less about traffic and views. We are anonymous because we don’t want to use the blog to become famous as individuals, and believe me getting advertising jobs in Lebanon is indeed not attainable by criticizing the huge egos of the local creatives.please let us know how can we help with your research by emailing us on

    • J said:

      “When we started this blog our main aim was stating our minds, we never claimed being professional critiques, therefore being constructive and objective is not truly our concern”

      I like that part the most 🙂 I am a designer myself and do get annoyed by unprofessional logos & identities in my home country, I think most designers do. As serious designers we’re supposed to be analytical and be able to separate the bad, the good and the best. It’s just many don’t care that much to even think further about what they saw. But guys like you put the effort of writing a blog post about it. I know that every review costs time and energy and a lot of thoughts. And, wow, these guys write quite a lot reviews!

      You should go back and read the title. It’s called brofessional review, not professional review, the title says it all 😉 There are dozens of professional websites that give credit to the good and best identities, this blog is just offering a different insight, with more human personality. I feel this blog offers an insight about what’s going on in Lebanon and how designers react to it (thank you guys). It’s neither rude nor harmful. It’s how designers would talk if they met face to face and discuss about a certain issue.

      What an irony, you yourself are quite negative and dissappointed and think of the worst of these guys, and they still approve your comment and even reply with such a nice attitude so…

      • Admin I said:

        Thank you very much!

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