Even ‘BUZZ’ is inspired*

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Even ‘BUZZ’ is inspired*

By Admin I: I really don’t want to sound like an old whining lady, but this field is such a failing fail that even fails to deliver one single decent campaign without plagiarizing international work!

You might call it ‘recycling ideas’ following the theory that preaches the end of ‘new ideas’ but who cares! A copycat is a copycat, and we sadly have to call a very well done, major hit campaign, a plagiarized work. It’s ‘Buzz’, and this time, it’s not really ‘aade mashewe el shabeb’, but more like ‘you’re in deep trouble’ fellow freelancers that we made sure to defend and praise at every possible occasion, and while bashing every multi-national agency in this country.

It’s a series of the very famous ‘Mello Yello’ ads that got ripped off this time. A very similar flow of ideas dating from more than 10 years ago. I believe that there’s a quote saying something like ‘when you want to copy, do it well’, and that’s exactly the case here; ‘Buzz’ looks fresh, beautifully art directed and hilariously insightful, but still, as original as my H&M $10 pants.

Cheers to originality, been a long time! 

  1. HishamAD said:

    The only COPIED one is the one you posted, and yes, it has been copied well!
    The others are variations of the same concept, adapted well into our culture and Lebanese behavior.

    • Admin I said:

      Very true. They knew very how how to readapt and make it culturally engaging, but still some more variations would’ve totally gotten it out of the copycat zone. It needed a bit more work!

  2. Omar said:

    Let’s give H&M some credit. *creepily caresses his h&m pants and whispers to them*

    Regardless of the “adaptation” carte blanche that we’re forgiven, the idea could actually be easily thought of. But now that the ads are put side to side, major questioning comes to mind!

  3. Rami said:

    “Originality is nothing but judicious imitation” – Voltaire

  4. josef said:

    this will surely create some…. BUZZ!

  5. Omar said:

    Basiiitaaa.. 3aaaaadee mashewee el shabeb!!!

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