Brofessional Review: a year ago

By all Admins, celebrating BR’s 1st anniversary with this fun video:

(Cheesy emotional post warning)

It was a clear November night; our superheroes were riding the ‘Batmobile’ on the ‘Charles Malek’ avenue discussing hipsterish cultural patterns (God I hate this expression) when, and as the stop sign turned red, a light bulb lit up in our heads.

And so we became Brofessionals.

Brofessional review came with a twist; we never took it as something serious (hence the B). Some of us thought it would just fade away in 2-3 months, while the more optimistic thought they would live together happily ever after.

Here we are, a complete year of nonsense survival. If someone were to come and ask us ‘how did u guys make it so far?’ we would blankly say that we have absolutely no idea but ‘broudly’ state the following: We found ourselves constantly evolving, changing, and growing. Some admins discovered themselves in the process and moved on, some simply lost interest, and other enthusiasts jumped in to fill their shoes. But one thing is sure: the curve remained ascending. *insert tear jerk*

Here we are, starting off as nobodies, the ‘who the EFF are those pretentious b******’ according to many agencies, but we managed to gain their acknowledgement and that of their clients (yes we knew how to make them call to bash their agency). No one’s allowed to be stupid anymore, even those useless clients; to say the least, agencies now have a source of feedback, other than the fake awards they yearly pay to get.

Having said that, we would have to thank every contributor to this blog: admins, friends, tweeps, supporters and most importantly, every failing agency and copycat for enriching this platform with all sorts of interesting material.

This nasty obnoxious baby is 1 year old, with 365 balls… Who can compete with that?!

  1. HishamAD said:

    happy birthday brofessionals.
    Keep going 🙂

  2. adminhm said:

    Happy Birthday dear Admins!! 😀 any gifts?! 😛

  3. AdminR said:

    i’m so proud of the brofessionals, especially the B**B “Admin I” whom we learned from a lot. ( please stop rolling, i can’t help myself from crying) Happy birthday 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      Thanking the loveliest people alive!

  4. adminG said:

    haBBy anniversary Beautiful BeoBle!!

  5. josef said:

    Happy birthday “Bro”s!

  6. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    For a minute, I thought you’re closing down the website. Talk about wishful thinking. Happy birthday…

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