‘Live Love Beirut’ and amateur collective Pro Bonos

Admin Nk

a designer/illustrator that loves hugging any creature (dead or alive, umm i mean objects and creatures, whatever, you know what i mean). i’m a quiet creature in her own world of jokes that are not always unfortunately understood, or funny! Barcelona is my endless love and i think flip flops are one of the best invented things on earth! – Illustration by Admin I.

Brofessional Review welcomes its newest Admin ‘Nk’!

‘Live Love Beirut’ and amateur collective pro-bonos

By Admin Nk: We recently discovered a new Lebanese NGO under the name of Live Love Beirut. Live Love Beirut is a campaign that revolves mainly around the idea of admiring and supporting Lebanon with all its flaws, disasters and the bad image that is often created. And how do we do that? By simply snapping any shot showing the beauty and the essence of the country and “Instagram it” with the hashtag #LiveLoveBeirut!

The concept is beautiful, anti political (yes we feel the need to mention that) and has in some way its peaceful vibes. So how awesome does that sound for the Lebanese people and even tourists? But as usual, no concepts pass without a bit of criticism:

-The campaign is okay but feels somehow like the concept hasn’t gotten an effective solution (yet). Yes, we look at the photos, we “wow” for a couple of seconds and then probably forget about it. So here’s an opinion: emphasize on the places and their directions! I don’t want to just see photos, I want to be encouraged to go and discover Lebanon instead of sitting at home whining about my fate, and the bad circumstances etc.! (bad example: the Sheyef Halak campaign on LBC, nice concept but not much helping right?)

-The campaign ad video is, yes, “pretty” and all colorful and showing the Instagramish feel and the funny ‘Sabah’ track…But why, especially as Lebanese people, feel the need to make everything looks and sounds “vintage” and old and vintage..and vintage? We are seriously over this trend. Yes we admire the country’s heritage and “vintageness” (again) but no more overused/overrated filters please! Not to stress on the overdone focus on the girl all through the video. So basically it could be better! We know that this is a fresh campaign (started in September 2012) but it can turn out pretty useful and not so overrated!

So Robert Cremona ‘clearly’ directed this campaign, signing ‘redundancy’ after two visually similar attempts of his: “Adonis-ma kan mafroud’ and ‘almaza light’.

Good job for a low profile group of people trying to break through, we always encourage fresh new attempts!


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