AIGA middle east launching campaign: design is a profession

By Admin I: ‘AIGA is the oldest and largest membership association for design with over 23,000+ members worldwide. AIGA strives to advance design as a profession through networking events, educational programs and conferences. AIGA is now pleased to announce the official launch of its Middle East chapter. ‘

So practically after almost 20 years of establishing design as a major and profession in Lebanon, someone decided to talk out loud. You already know my personal input on design, but let’s admit that whatever this practice is about, it was able to attract hundreds of students that graduated and were able to find a spot in the market. The different aspects of this consumerist market made design quoted at an even lower rate in comparison with migrant domestic workers.

Meet ‘Maya’, a migrant domestic worker that comes to help around the house twice a week. Maya charges 5$ per hour, she’s a freelancer. Last month a colleague was working on a hundred page annual report design for 300$ (an airhead indeed). The report took 4 weeks of hard work, overnights and endless corrections. So practically and if you do the simplest math (which I can barely do myself), you’d find that Maya, with all due respect, gets better paid.

AIGA Middle East decided to launch its chapter with a copy driven campaign depending primarily on sarcasm. The lines are inspired by people’s perception on design, the ongoing misunderstanding over a designer’s financial and legal rights.

‘Of course I’ll design it for free, Tikram 3aynak’

‘Redesign it in 5 minutes, no problem’

‘Your budget is only $50? Quick! Where do I sign’

‘Your 5-year old likes to draw too, we have so much in common!’

Cheers to AIGA!


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