2013 Advertising Resolutions

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illustration by Admin I.

2013 Advertising Resolutions

By Admin I:  So after a fairly positive post on the evolution of the local design scene, here’s a series of advertising resolutions for this New Year. Being quite honest, 2012 was a bad advertising year with very minor exceptions towards the end-of-year season. Copycats, bad international wins and lots of fake communication.

To all agencies, freelancers and advertising creatives wannabes, let’s ‘Amen’ to those couple of points: In 2013:

#1: I will stop using boobs in advertising, unless the product was ‘boobs in a jar’ or something of that kind.

#2: I will reconsider my art-direction post if all that I do is ‘google images’ or by far ‘pinterest’.

#3: I will stop overrating myself because of my advertising awards, shampoo and failing flower-shop ads, and instead do some worthy creative work.

#4: I will listen more; feedback is still free on this blog, beware before it costs you your job!

#5: I will have more balls; like ball-extensions, ball implants, who cares! 2013 is all about attitude and the guts to make a change. Passive advertising behaviors are gone with Clementine, I mean the wind.

#6: I will work; by work I mean stop bragging about my multinational and bash the ’boutique’ agency competitors. You are all craving for a capitalist consumerist propaganda!!

#7: I will do less NGO work and try to win awards by a mere creative effort. The world is gladly becoming less stupid.

#8: I will design. Because you have never done anything but decorating your layouts and claiming that you didn’t have the time for a process.

#9: I will do less campaigns at the agency office, and call them campaigns.

#10: I will love Brofessional Review even more than I secretly do!

The 2012 Best and Worst campaign voting results will be out very soon, hoping for a better 2013!

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