Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer: The Lebanese version

Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer: The Lebanese version

By Admin I: So the brilliant ‘Child of the 90s’ ad by Microsoft for Internet Explorer is out and buzzing on all social media platforms. The campaign works on nostalgia and even though the approach is not very new, but very very smartly done. The ad can make you go through many ‘Oprah moments’ all in less than two minutes though it fails pushing you back to explorer!

The point of this post is not featuring an international campaign, because we usually don’t do that (with two exceptions only: Unhate by Benetton, and Oreo’s 100 years ads); the whole point here is trying to ‘Lebanise’ this ad, so what if ‘Child of the 90s’ was made for Lebanon?!

Most probably, Nawal al Zoghbi will have a share, a long with some hint of the Spice Girls and the obnoxious boy bands. The 100 L.L green peanut chips, DeDe on LBC before bedtime, and a quite big load of nasty running shoes with buzzing lights!

Moving to a 90s teenager, the ‘big deal’ was probably the opening of the first McDonalds in Lebanon! Dunkin Donuts was ‘the place’ to meet all the cool buds in their black gothic era. Designers were looked at as hippies on drugs, and the best commercials were of ‘YES – 3 b 1’.

The 90s in Lebanon were pretty cool, but noticeably announced a path clearly heading to be Americanized. The 100 L.L Chips was replaced by Doritos because MTV said so, and the fun Atari moments to be replaced by the 3d PlayStation graphics and the rebellious music of Eminem and Metallica.

90s… Sigh!

Now, how would your 90s version look like?!

  1. Suzy Harb said:

    We are happy that we are part of your 90s memories. Do you remember your first visit to McDonald’s Lebanon? Were you with friends? Do you recall that moment and with whom you were?

    Suzy Harb
    McDonald’s Lebanon

    • Admin I said:

      We remember the buzz about it; not a junk food lover here, but am sure other admins would love your reply 😀 Thank you dear!

  2. MasterFantasia said:

    Doritos? Seriously? Where was I when it happened?

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