Cheyef 7alak goes flat and unethical

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Cheyef 7alak goes flat and unethical

By Admin I: so here’s another ‘Cheyef 7alak hasty campaign that’s still Impact BBDO’s award magnet (as if they’re producing other work!); this time ‘Cheyef 7alak’ aims at fighting discrimination by flipping roles and reserve a prestigious restaurant for migrant workers while rejecting its Lebanese audience (obviously staged).

So how to fight discrimination? discriminate the ‘discriminators’: stack migrant workers together, isolate them (just like the old days of the Quarantine) and make them enjoy a luxurious meal at a fancy restaurant. An act of pity and a pure PURE propaganda-oriented initiative.

Guys, we all appreciate your efforts and those lights you’re shedding on social awareness (more like bling bling spotlights), but give us a break!! This campaign could’ve been a hit in the American advertising scene (pretty discriminative, I know) where people are more dumb, more Oprah’ish.

The issue in this whole approach is that it aims at grabbing more awards instead of really coming up with socially conscious ideas; creativity alone doesn’t really count when dealing with such topics, and having my teta sympathizing with her Sirilankiyeh having dinner at Rose’, doesn’t really change perceptions. It would’ve been better if the idea involved both Lebanese and foreigners together, sharing food, laughs and memories. But it’s fine, I totally understand a team craving for promotions, for more glass statuettes to stack on the rusty shelves of there ‘just another capitalist multinational’.

Flat and unethical is all what this campaign is about.

  1. josef said:

    I found your review cheap and condescending, as if it was written by a jealous competitor to LBCi or BBDO.
    Guys you are slowly but surely losing your objectivity here, finding any excuse to cheaply attack any initiative is simply… cheap!
    I watched that report yesterday on TV and found it SUPERB!
    it is a great initiative whether it was staged or not WHO CARES! it is great to see those poor workers enjoying a 5 stars meals in the fanciest restaurants while Lebanese were not allowed to enter it!

    you review sucks, I hope whoever wrote it remembers that this is for a noble cause and you should encourage the agency to come up with more ideas like these and offer more free meals rather than cheaply attack them like that!

    bad bad BR.

    • Admin I said:

      Again and again, we never claimed being close to objective. We have no hidden agendas unlike advertising agencies.
      We appreciate your humane perspective to seeing such issues, however, it is not the case here. It is all about the industry politics, and I wish, I wish it was a genuine EFFECTIVE initiative!

      • memento said:

        the fact that you are writing about it proves it’s EFFECTIVE. the point is not to give the poor people free food and it’s only for a day, but to raise awareness by stirring controversy and discussion and you have helped accomplish that with your cheap article. Lebanese people are world champions at criticizing everything and everyone. but when it comes to action? nothing. now that was racist.

      • Admin I said:

        Not true. We do write about bad work to spread awareness about how bad it is. In 2013 we should be way past ‘bad advertising is good advertising’. People can walk naked and spread awareness, doesn’t mean it’s effective.
        Thanks for your time.

  2. josef said:

    I am sorry but there was a clear HATE speech in your review, so much HATE that you sounded with a hidden agenda, contrary to many other bogs who only PRAISED this initiative (you can check for example)…

    • Admin I said:

      Josef, we’re admins who write intuitively without sugar coating, this is why some posts sound angrier than the others, it all depends on the context and the subject. We understand that there’s too much hate sometimes, but whenever it happens it means that there’s too much honesty as well.. We’re trying to remain genuine.
      Concerning fellow bloggers, with all due respect, we represent a ‘brofessional’ opinion: we are designers and advertising creatives while they represent an audience. It’s a matter of perspective, and it’s always healthier to have different JUSTIFIED opinions. Saying ‘I like it’ and ‘it’s nice’ is not really what we aim for..

  3. josef said:

    with all respect, when you say “we have no hidden agenda” it shows that you guys are a bunch of hypocrite advertisers/designers hiding behind masks and using this blog as a platform to attack your competitors work!
    who are you exactly? names? CVs? if you don’t have hidden agendas why don’t you show your face to the people you are “sincerely and Brofessionally” attacking?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of your blog although I am not in agreement with everything being published, but when I see a review written with such a subjective hate language I cannot but shed the light on how “Flat and Unethical” you can go yourselves!

    • Admin I said:

      We aren’t in competition with anyone (not yet) being fresh grads and students, but we happen to have our own opinions and we don’t really polish them.
      Our identities don’t matter, because we are not promoting ourselves the way other bloggers are.. we’re indifferent when it comes to gaining fame.

      And being THAT edgy makes it inevitable to have pros and cons and posts liked and others hated..
      We’re aware of all that and truly cherish it 🙂
      Thank you, we mean it.

  4. Emu said:

    كان ممكن ينشغل الإعلان من زاوية التمييز الإيجابي متل ما ذكرت انو يشتركوا اللبنانيين و الوافدين لعشا سوا، لكن مشكلة الصناعة الإعلانية ككل بلبنان هيي انعدام الثقافة المدنية لدى المبدعين فيها. باختصار، لما ينجز إعلان من هالنوع، لازم يسألو حالن اذا بيقبل تلفزيون أجنبي يعرضه، لانه بالدول الأجنبية يمكن للجمعيات الناشطة و لجنة الأخلاقيات تقاضي هيك أنواع خلل بالتفكير و التصويب الابداعي.
    طبعا شكرا لكل مين ضيع وقتو و قري هالتعليق بالعربي.
    مما يطرح سؤال: لما كناشطين بمهمة تنويرية اجتماعية، ليش ما بتكتبو بلغة بتوصل للجميع، يعني العربي لا عيب و لا حرام، انا عايشة ببريطانيا و لا مرة قريتن كاتبين بالألماني عن قضية بتمس مجتمعن.
    آخر ملاحظة بروفشنال صرف. يعطيكن العافية
    – هلق شفت تعليق جوزف، عزيزي جوزف الاعلان مش سوبرب، شخصيا ما كنت عارفة في مطعم اسمو روز لو من هالدعاية!! لو متل ما متخيل انو الجماعة لوجه الله بتكون قلبك طيب.. و نادر و صعب.

    • Admin I said:

      We appreciate your comment, and we love Arabic and I personally am very good at it, but sadly, the industry works in english here (so do our keyboards), hoping we can integrate more Arabic soon!

  5. Tarek Bacha said:

    Guys sorry but the initiative is great, i am sure a lot of people understood the message. They are aiming to get awards for sure it will be the only thing they are getting from such an account, unlike other agencies Impact are not charging a single penny for this, at least lets respect them for this. if you guys have better ideas please propose them you will be helping cause

  6. Fellas! Fellas! please, no need to argue in circles. This is BR practicing freedom of speech. In all controversial campaigns, there must always be a small margin for opposition. Why must there be 100% approval and appraisal from the public? That’s not logical. You want people in this country to be critical thinkers, you allow everyone to express whatever they like. Hidden agendas or not.

  7. oussi said:

    I agree with BR, no value whatsoever for the cause it is trying to promote.

  8. as you said, would have been great if it was mixed up and random people were getting in, would have loved to see the reactions and interactions…
    this ad is totally looking for attention.
    PS. i think abou el zouz has smth to do with this ad la hal2ad m3assab O_o

  9. EsteemedAdCritic said:


  10. John said:

    Hey, i really enjoyed the review unlike some people above who commented already, i on the contrary agree with your views, the role of an advertisement is to change perceptions and convince people to stop discriminating this ad clearly has been given an award due to the “creativity” if u want to call it that and nothing more, i find your review somewhat aggressive and hate speech ( understandable because they do not deserve an award since they did nothing in the end) but just as an advice (and i hope you take it into consideration) is to try to avoid such things since it would upset some people and followers (as seen above) and make them miss the true point that you are trying to make thank you!

    • Admin I said:

      Thank you John!! Please keep in touch.

  11. h said:

    i think that some lebanese would consider coming back to that ‘rose’ restaurant if were mixed with the people they discriminate, so they played it wise and gave them their own isolated day! what the fook! exactly like admin I said, So how to fight discrimination? discriminate the ‘discriminators’.. so funny..

    [it really makes me laf that some ppl think u guys are jealous! jealous of what? of bad advertising?]

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