Beirut Designers’ Week and a beneficial confusion

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Beirut Designers’ Week and a beneficial confusion

By Admin I: in the land of grandiose schizophrenia, everything is split between a hypothetical reality and a dose of underground, you know the usual split between classes, economically and culturally. This time the split is within one design field, and it all started when someone decided to copycat a whole event, but redirect it to fit the mindset of a Zaitunay Bay clientele (sorry but I have to mention how irrelevant is that alternative word for Zaytouneh).

So Beirut Design Week (the official version that we reviewed last year 01 02 03) proved successful; the week was going crazy, full with events, talks, workshops and more. The other sign of success is this year’s copycat, Beirut Designers Week. Let’s bluntly state it: you, whoever you are, cannot rip off a name, confuse people and do an event for this city’s ‘tantes Ashrafieh/Verdun’ audience, because as stated in your press release on Ragmag’s website: “What truly distinguishes Beirut Designers’ Week is its unique setup on the lower promenade of Zaitunay Bay with stands placed between the restaurants and the cafes, ensuring maximum visibility to our exhibitors”. DESIGN CANNOT EXIST BETWEEN CAFES, IN AN OUTDOOR MALL. IT CANNOT *gets a knife and kills himself*

So, dear wannabes, design goes a bit beyond stands at the bay, hand-crafters exhibiting their pinterest-stolen bags and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Last year, ‘The MENA design research center’ struggled financially and logistically to organise a week that managed to show real design (still, we had to bash them). Those efforts should not by any chance open wide doors for an event that lacks the very basic elements of a successful design week, starting from the amateur poorly made visuals, the location, the press release and the mere fact that it’s a hasty plagiarised identity all in all.

The ‘real’ BDW13 will take place from June 24 till June 30.

BR is boycotting the ‘made in Taiwan’ version, because all we need is less hypocrisy.

  1. ASM said:

    Rana Salam and Nada Debs organizing committee? O.O oh hell i am boycotting too!

    • Admin I said:

      They’re in the committee of the official one; boycotting a whole event because of 2 names is unfair..

  2. ASM said:

    well i sort of boycott them everywhere they go. It depends on the rest of the committee if they end up with something that wouldn’t scream Salam or Debs then i might consider

  3. a said:

    I hope you really get a knife and kill yourself!

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