We can brand! 03

We can brand! 03

By Admin I: Back again with this rare positive injection that we release every once and a while, introducing you to local branding jobs with one or more divergent criteria, which makes the brand stand out and generates a new system of communication to be later established with its clientele.  This post mainly focuses on cultural branding, how to create a feel that a subculture can easily identify with in a country where no one really cares to ‘hit the note’.

Cozmo Cafe by wondereight:

Cozmo Café is modern eatery emulating the cosmopolitan Lebanese capital harboring it and coloring the Beirut seaside promenade with a dynamic identity, mixing trendy industrial urbanism and stylish elegance in the posh setting of an exclusive yacht club

This description says it all. Cozmo is very Beirut-ish with every connotation possible. Pretentious for a cafe, could be, too American looking, could be, but what’s interesting about it is that it depicts this urban vibe in a relaxing Mediterranean way.
Some of you might really consider the type treatment in specific to be ‘today’s trend’ especially this mix between a cursive display and a blocky bold; very true, Pinterest visually vomits such treatments in major quantities every day, but to be fair, Cozmo played it safe with a well toned amount that can survive for a quite long time.

Al Antabli by Rana Salam:

If I wanted to act like the 99% of the Lebanese designers, I’d say I’m not a fan of Rana Salam, or just stick a ‘cliche’ label at her face, but when it comes to crediting good design, we stick to our Brofessional behavior!

Overused or not, Al Antably plays it Rana Salam from head to toe, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s indeed Rana Salam who played “Antabli”all the way here. Such an old known small shop is all about prosper good ol’ Beirut, it’s exactly what she did, having the balls to push it further and keep its brilliantly amazing Arabic type, only minimizing design elements and adding a burst of modernity to it. If you think doing Lebanese Pop is easy, then you’ve probably spent too much time trying to copy this woman’s work. Al-Antabli, the right amount, juuuust the right amount!

 We had to retain the spirit of the brand but we also needed to bring it into the 21st century. The logo was retained with the addition of three stars to give it prestige and glamour. A supporting image and pattern was created to give the brand a new look and feel, reflecting its history.

Douaihy by Al Mohtaraf:

Whether you get ‘design’ or not, Douaihy is an identity that managed to bring back Traditional Arabic and modernize it, at a time when Arabic was ‘not so cool’ for such a business than can easily go tacky-European even if it sells Arabic Delights (yes one of the many ‘whatevers’ of design in Lebanon)

Al Mohataraf managed to create an elegantly unique Arabic solution with a focus on 1 letter form and the most daring magenta and gold color palette at the time when Douaihy and competitors were emerging in the dull boring browns and Saudi greens.

It’ll never get old, and will keep on getting developed in a million other Arabesque-ish form, an ever-evolving identity that had literally started a trend.

The colour palette was chosen according to the nature of the visual identity, it is well established and innovative; the motif formed by the logo’s flowing ‘haa’ was the unifying theme of Beyt Douaihy’s various packages. This motif, now registered as Douaihy’s trademark, was well received in the market…

Cheers to the full of attitude branding jobs! Well done!

  1. Myrnzz said:

    Hello guys,

    Hope all is well.

    I’d like to invite you to attend an event I am currently preparing for a client, all about launching its new creative brand identity, image Can you please share with me your address and names?

    Thanks a mill and keep up the great work. Myrna

  2. Omar said:

    The logo with the spectacular “haa2” is created by designer and calligraphy/typography powerhouse Wissam Shawkat.

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