Almaza Light goes Lebanese Brew!

Almaza Light goes Lebanese Brew!

By Admin I: There’s nothing more ‘brave’ than getting inspired* by a fellow competitor especially when local competition is strictly between the two brands; umm no, of course there is!! What’s more ‘brave’ is a blunt confession from this sub-brand revealing how it failed promoting and selling, otherwise who would use ‘Let’s pretend it just started!’ as a line for a less desperate cause?!

A trendy group of youngsters meeting gradually at a pool party, partying, enjoying their time and watching the sunset, all for a beer, an instagram-ish color grading and a deep voice-over on a background low pitch music; everything reminds you of a Lebanese Brew spirit expect the very bad typography and the missing ‘brave’ part.

Let’s begin all over again.
Let’s restart from the start.
Let’s re-live it. Let’s re-play it.
As long as there is sunshine, let’s shine.
Let’s watch it one more time.
Let’s pretend it just started.

It all seems irrelevant in this video, the copy shows uncertainty and can easily drag the approach to negative connotations, the audience displayed is extremely misleading, since there’s no actual link between light beer and youth, or light beer and summer, even the ‘light’ quality seems irrelevant..

It’s amazing what competition can do to a brand and how everything becomes nonsense when the single goal is to reach a same advertising path instead of adapting to a divergent one.

If it’s the last summer on earth, try something brave and do your own work!


LB beer’s take on the inspired* job:

  1. Deemz said:

    That’s what I commented on the video too.. LB for the win
    does anyone know which ad agency handles Almaza’s ads?

    • Admin I said:

      Their agency is intermarkets 🙂

      • Deemz said:


        *commences research*

        P.S. Well written post 🙂

      • Admin I said:

        Let us know if you need help 🙂
        Thanks and keep checking the blog!

  2. ghinwa said:

    when u watch this video u’ll instantly think of LB and that’s sad. like the post I

  3. Pauch said:

    what was Alamza thinking.. so weird :-s what happened to Hayda Jawna Hayda Nehna … !!!!!!
    sooooooooooooo Lebanese Brew video

  4. CashMoney said:

    If you had the money of Almaza and a stolen idea already executed by Interesting Times certainly they could have done something better than this. Direction is amateur, color grading is atrocious and the copy sounds like a poem written by a grade school child.

    • maverich said:

      couldn’t agree more

  5. MadMan said:


  6. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Die Almaza. Die.

  7. Elie said:

    I don’t see what is “inspired” from Lebanese Brew. It is a totally different brand positioning and idea. the only resemblance might be in the art direction, then again, LB did not invent Instagram 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      It’s very obvious, same storyline, cast, art direction and much more.. We would’ve totally ignored resemblance if the brands weren’t in direct competition for 1 audience.

      • Elie said:

        LB cast can be compared to Aizone cast for example, so LB copied Aizone?!
        Storyline: LB (last summer on earth ref. end of the world, so try something brave).
        Almaza light (summer is not over, enjoy summer season 2). Nothing to compare.

      • Admin I said:

        The analogy is not with ‘last summer on earth’ it’s with ‘courage is contagious’ same storyline but the end scene is only different, details are less because LB is a 3 min viral.. It’s very similar, the whole feel, even if it looks different. Everyone’s seeing the relation, it’s not personal.

      • The only relation I’m seeing is the English voice-over. Which isn’t really working for me; the transition from spoken Lebanese Arabic to English is weird but if you think about it, maybe it was more convenient for the concept of the campaign.
        But I completely agree that the typography was horrible especially cz subtitles aren’t really necessary!

        Lebanese Brew totally stole their idea from Diesel and now they’re accusing almaza of stealing their “style” :/
        It’s so sad really… because when LB rebranded they included Lebanese in their product name but ironically, their ads don’t reflect ANYTHING Lebanese 😉

        And btw, LB could never compete with almaza cz their beer tastes like crap 😀

  8. doofenschmoiz said:

    Wow, so cheesy it makes me want to cry

  9. chanklish said:

    LB Beer is elitist and cannot compete with almaza ..their target audience is limited..I remember the first time I sold LB Beer in my pub..taste like colored tap water ..

    • CashMoney said:

      this isn’t an argument about the quality of the beer. it’s about how Almaza OBVIOUSLY knocked off the LB campaign.

      • Admin I said:

        True indeed, even though by international standards Almaza, Heineken and Budweiser come at very low rankings, while LB beer is ranking much better. No, i don’t know the owner, but I’m proud having a local beer that knows how to advertise its good quality.

  10. Poor Boy said:

    Almaza: Change agency!
    I can recommend 2 but one of them is already taken.

  11. Reem Jaber said:

    Admin I, i couldn’t help but notice how you strongly attacked Almaza. As a proud and loyal consumer, I could never have LB after being so accustomed to Almaza, LB is just too perfumey for me. Almaza ads are so captivating especially the Light campaign! how much more creative can you get? but i do agree with you on the whole retro image. They really should have stayed away from that!! it looks fake and some what “wanna be”-ish. but then again, Alamza has done so much in the past and is still presenting great ideas that this out weighs the not-so-right path theyve taken with the vintage look.

    never the less, Almaza i love live you!

    • Admin I said:

      Almaza is def lucky having fans like you!

  12. Reem Jaber said:

    and lets just face it.. no “brave” new commer can impress an Almaza! it just tastes better

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