Alfa ‘Midline’: talking success

Alfa ‘Midline’: talking success

By Admin I: Whether this year was as doomed as it looks for this multinational or not, it’s pretty obvious that the Alfa account managed to balance some missteps and failures.

Alfa brilliantly managed to tweak the competition into a winning card; instead of competing with ‘touch’ on who’s paying more for a non-sense social awareness campaign, the telecom company decided to reach for the opposite direction: a genuine, fun, super-well written tvc for the launch of 2 new lines “U-Chat” and “Midline”.

If you thought “U-Chat” was a hit campaign, you’ll definitely agree that “Midline” could probably be one of best local campaigns of the year, and cheers to a nomination!

The new TVC totally showcases some skillful copywriting efforts, depicting a set of Lebanese known cliches and using a very natural play on words attributed to the middle child; the blend came out to be a win-win whether you’re a depressed ad man, or an angry copywriter, I can bet you had a good laughter on loop.

A good concept, and a meticulously well art directed execution, highlighting a strong pop-vintage feel that we all identify with, without the instagram-ish overdone effects.

Whether you like or hate us (probably hate us), you’ll be credited when doing such a good work!

Well done!



  1. bob said:

    is this a paid for review?
    the youtube video hasn’t been up for 10 minutes and you already have a great review up.

    oh and it’s a shitty ad.

    • Admin I said:

      No we don’t do paid reviews 🙂
      and the post was ready since last night after seeing it on tv.. we added the link today, and boom we published!
      That’s called brofessionalism! 😀

      oh and we respect your opinion, but can you justify?

  2. ghinwa said:

    the concept is so nice…thumbs up!

  3. josef said:

    ever heard of “tiré par les cheveux”?
    well that applies on this concept… good insight but seriously… all this story to sell what exactly?

    • Admin I said:

      They’re basically selling a rip-off offer, the ad informs people abt dry info in a funny way, i don’t think they can pull off a better approach, we have to admit that over analyzing an ad is not a good idea..

  4. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    The ad is neither bad nor great. Wasat. Guess that was the intention? 😉 Ok, seriously now, I like the concept, but the ad could have been much funnier.

  5. Lara said:

    The ad is average, I personally prefer the U-Chat ad! it’s the first time that I see this ad and it automatically reminded me of the Bank Audi ad, same music and voice!!!

  6. HishamAD said:

    I like it, I haven’t watched it till now BTW
    It’s funny although I wouldn’t buy it, but it made me informed of the new product they’re launching

    I like the third ad (3amto) with Nabil holding a batikha and his brothers in the trunk. It is so funny!

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