Identity Crisis 01: Lebanese Film Festival

Identity Crisis 01: Lebanese Film Festival 

By Admin I: Sometimes you ask yourself those dumb questions with the “why not” formula, emerging from an ego that is practically born with every Lebanese: Why can’t we have an international film festival, why can’t we invest in our local talents and why can’t we relate to our culture, at least on a design level.. Answers remain very well known but unspoken.

Our quest this time is not bashing bad branding, even if this post might look like a branding post, but it’s not.. It’s exactly having this never ending conversation about a brand and an identity, when people fail to distinguish between the two.

The Lebanese Film Festival is a yearly event that dates back to 2001, that we chose to cover for this year simply because it seems as engaging as Beirut Design Week, especially that both ‘unofficial’ events carry the huge ‘official’ name of a country.

A week before the event’s launch at Metropolis Empire Sofil Cinemas, we must take you on a flashback to check 10 years of rich content, but a huge identity crisis! LFF failed to develop at a visual level, starting with a design chaos, reaching a level of visual cliches (a tarboush with popcorn, really?!) until this year’s identity reveal.

LFF 2012 looks serious, promising, even if the visual challenge isn’t that present (black and white is a win win card when it comes to cinema) but the whole identity based on the featured filmmakers creates a sort of strong appeal that makes you go beyond the ‘hipsters’ meeting ‘Rue Huvelin gars’ label, to a more credible promise. The grayscale interesting portraits look very expressive, well except Nadine Labaki’s over processed image (someone enjoyed creating a plastic digital face, and no it’s not God! As if He knows photoshop! pfft)

Having to cover this year’s event with a series of posts, I must note that such a big festival needs huge efforts, and I’m mainly hinting design. There is no excuse for not having a decent website, decent interactive program and a designed press kit; having no sponsors is not an excuse being in contact with nearly half of this country’s so called designers!

It is when you separate identity from branding from design that you can’t really reach a solid ground for such events… It is the answer for the “why not” formula: simply because we suffer from an identity crisis that we are stuck where we are. *insert: dramatic sound effect (calling Khaled Mouzannar)*

__Press Release__

The Lebanese Film Festival celebrates this year its tenth edition, which will be held from August 23 to August 26 in cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil, Ashrafieh.27 films, including 16 in competition, will be presented.They will be judged by a jury of four members: Christopher Donner, writer and journalist at “Le Monde”, Ibrahim Maalouf, trumpeter, Suzanne Khardalian, filmmaker and journalist, Ziad Antar, photographer and filmmaker. … Moreover, big names will gravitate around the Festival. Nadine Labaki will exclusively meet her public and Ghassan Salhab, will honor us by giving us a free access to the “Black Panthers”. We are also proud to welcome “Cultures of Resistance” and some members of “The Suffering Grasses” team, a documentary by Iara Lee, based on the Arab Spring that sheds the light on refugee camps.To close to the Festival we will have the pleasure of presenting a new film, “Children of Belle Ville” by Asghar Farhadi; a film that will pave the road for a new section of films that will be created next year.


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