Cablevision, so your eyes can see!

Cablevision, so your eyes can see! 

By Admin I: Let’s try to start this post with a positive insight: Cablevision decided to give away the “naked female with TV logos” visual that was the core of its previous campaign, and for once, thought of a decent approach, a hint of concept, a bit of low sat yellow-ish color grading, and pooof we have a TVC!

It’s somehow a smooth working concept, Cablevision offering good quality satellite services, and potential audience simply wanting a better vision; no, not really. Do TV people really care about preserving their sight, or fun (the overdone element here) is what constitutes the essence of the couch potato audience?

It’s not necessarily labeled as a bad advertising approach, it’s just missing the link between the concept and the audience, the ‘how to’ reach the mass and simply sell the service. Overdone, over processed and very weakly scripted, umm could be, unless I’ve been playing ‘sleeping beauty’, while this country changed to a place where emigrants arrive at the door of their parents, and directly jump to spending ‘quality time’ in front of a TV!

Whoever suggested using the glasses idea for a fun purpose might have been righteous, but the issue here, is again, taking people for granted, using the hardest tool ever: comedy for what came out to be meaninglessly redundant.

  1. I disagree I. Good image quality is definitely a major selling point. They’ve focused single-mindedly on this proposition and did it well. #Win.

    • Admin I said:

      It is a selling point, but it was redundantly overused in the tvc, while being a satellite audience, a good selection of channels, and a fun experience is more relevant to me than super high quality lame services.. They just narrowed down their concept to a flat level 🙂 #nah

  2. Except that they don’t have a “fun customer experience” a la OSN and everybody has similar selections. They’re obviously targeting “cable el 7ay” users, not OSN’s. In this case, this is their only claim to fame.

  3. josef said:

    I agree with Raafat, it is obvious they are targeting the Dish providers of the neighborhood. by the way the one I saw on TV had an animated part with the price and the multi channels bouquet they offer, the one published here is not the same.

    • Admin I said:

      Whoever their audience is, the ad came out over done to me… it’s def a subjective matter 🙂

  4. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    When I see the kind of ads that people like or think is well done, I feel like I want to choke myself to death.

    • Admin I said:

      Am taking a screenshot of this.. you agreeing with us is a rare rare incident!

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