Bil Alb Ya Watan – Real Heroes 2012

Bil Alb Ya Watan – Real Heroes 2012

By Admin I: So here we are facing another tribute campaign to add to this day’s ‘patriohypocritism‘ excitement and pay honor to the Lebanese Army; ‘Bil Alb Ya Watan’ having its second release after a 2007 version which came after witnessing hard times and threatens. The 2012 campaign came out very well done, and yes we have nothing personal against Leo Burnett Beirut, as many of you suggested we don’t review their work anymore simply because it made us look biased; having to review this Lebanese army campaign is a solid proof that good work should be credited and spread to reach the mass, and we by no means want to create useless drama. Ignoring good work is a no-no for us! (Why the hell am I justifying?!)

Authentic, real and very very emotional (believe me, it takes hard work for me to get sensitive), well shot and delivering the message in a very subtle, intimate way losing the cliché strength and patriotism usually attributed to such approaches. Arabic copywriting came to play its usual complementary role, as successful as many of Leo’s Arabic written campaigns.

It is indeed when we work on our children’s idols that we build a healthy collective memory, which is the essence of a trustworthy relationship between people and authority.

Bil Alb Ya Watan 2012 shows a divergence from the 2007 principles, hinting on the conceptual aspect of it: getting more mature, more realistic and leaning towards a culturally enhanced approach more than a preachy tone.

We can always pay honor to the army, but it is indeed a need to mean it.

Great Job!

the 2007 version: link

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