When fashion is NOT for all!

When fashion is NOT for all!

By Admin I : We have introduced you earlier to this great initiative called “The Creative Space Beirut” in a series of posts, and an exclusive coverage for their second collection exhibition at Beirut Art Center.

Proudly being a part of this space, we’d like to take you on a ride visiting the struggles one can face while trying to establish an NGO in Lebanon, especially when it’s related to the field of the “riches et nouveau-riches”, when sometimes raw talent is not enough to break through.

In the new term of this free fashion program, 2 new students were added to the group, and their only fault was being veiled; at least for some of the fashion boutiques in town. We’re sadly reporting what happened during the trend reports, when students were having a look at the new collections released in Beirut, which is supposedly labeled a diverse city for everyone. It is somehow ironic how rich faux-hipsters can enter international brands stores, while a veiled group of students can’t, or let’s pretend being nice and say “they’re not very welcomed to”. It is more ironic when brands like ‘Chloe’ and ‘Stella McCartney’ allow the group to go check the collection, while a shop owned by a Lebanese like ‘Sophie’s Choice’ showed an almighty form of discrimination and kicked the group out, minutes after they came in (after taking the permission), followed by the owner herself asking employees to wipe the floor seconds after leaving. It’s almost like Cinderella or some other sort of bloggers drama; this time the cause wasn’t a parking spot at a restaurant, no foreign workers, just fashion students checking brands and designers; it’s a whole issue of discrimination based on appearance.

Creative Space has been through more than one obstacle, from the lack of resources to logistics to the recent discriminative issue, just because they chose to let go stereotypes and look for people in need, creating opportunities through education.

We’re not here accusing anyone of anything, we’re just portraying an incident that can happen even in NY, when black celebs used to be kicked out of elite brands shops just because they were black and had no star dust on, which doesn’t by any chance justify our pretentious shop owners/managers interaction with a group doing trend reports, a very basic step of the fashion design process; hmm, would that happen if ESMOD was the school behind those students? me doubt it, me don’t even care!

The space is now in the process of making their third collection with a marine inspiration preparing a launching event on the 23rd of August at one of the city’s most interesting fashion spots, 6:05 Depeche Mode, Downtown Beirut; on another note, the space located in Jeitawi-Ashrafieh is now available for everyone planning events and workshops, still in cooperation with NY’s Parson’s New School, and international designers like Donna Karen, Diane von Furstenberg and others.


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