Politicians in advertising: when it’s too randomly desperate!

By Admin I : Here we go again digging in some advertising campaigns released in the last few days after an extensive Design Week coverage and review. So the buzz made by Euro Cup is finally over as well as all the cheesiness invested in advertising to keep up with this event. After Lebanese Brew beating the hell out of all Almaza campaigns and a flow of other ‘inaperçus commercials, one managed to strike an appearance.

Zaatar w Zeit (aka the failing rebranding job) released their Euro Cup campaign around early June with what they thought was a breakthrough.

In our part of the world, we show our support for our leaders, by carrying them on our shoulders. Like wise, Zaatar W Zeit supports each country for the Euro cup, by having the actual Zaatar W Zeit staff carrying the respective country leaders on their shoulders. Are you serious?!

Guys, using political leaders for a pop oriented ad can be a quite fun idea, but honestly, it looks somehow forced: it’s like some creative wanted to stick a political leader onto a campaign to make a buzzing impact and go virally, a desperate call that managed to reach adsoftheworld.com but still appears as far fetched and adds nothing to the brand.. Not even influences behavior. It’s clear that the ad was more of a call for attention than a working campaign.

Why not?!

Well, if you had a minimum reach for these two years most influential campaigns, you can easily disregard the impact that Zaatar w Zeit failed to achieve after the award winning “Unhate“,”The return of Ben Ali” and the hit “Reporters Without Borders” campaign that evolved around controversial censorship.

The fun can easily turn out as cheesy, and the daring turns out dull!

So to wrap it up, over-using political figures in advertising especially for random purposes makes blunt failures especially that the ones mentioned above invaded the web even reaching my grandma, unless she’s the target audience of this badly designed brand (yes, i can repeat it endlessly).

Cheers to desperate randomness!


Zaatar w Zeit:

Advertising Agency: NINETEEN84, Beirut, Lebanon
Creative Director: Said Francis
Art Directors: Omar KabbaniCathy Frangie
Copywriters: Cathy FrangieSaid Francis
Photographer: Mini Me
Brand manager: Rhea Korban
Published: June 2012

Reporters without Borders, Censorship tells the wrong story:

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Steve Hough
Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran
Art Directors: Leonardo BorgesRafael Rizuto
Copywriter: Sascha Kuntze
Photographer: Atp.

  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Is this just a cheap double entendre of the word ‘support’, which can also mean ‘hold up’? That’s how I interpreted the idea of ZWZ waiters lifting western leaders on their shoulders.

  2. tammy said:

    Is Nineteen84 the new Clementine?

    • Admin I said:

      Well, haram, that’s too harsh 🙂

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