Alfa celebrating Lebanese football

Alfa celebrating Lebanese football:

By admin D : Alfa never fails to keep on surprising us with innovative ideas once again capturing everyone’s attention. Managed by Orascom Telecom, the sponsor of the Lebanese National League, wishes Lebanon the best of luck in a new campaign by Leo Burnett Beirut, produced by Independent productions and directed by Jad Awad.

The TVC shows that we are all united to cheer for Lebanon, a spirit we all wish to experience someday after the daily struggles whether of a sectarian, cultural or even political nature. Employees having the rest of the day off and students leaving schools early not to miss the game. In this TVC the concept evolves around people from different backgrounds all coming together to cheer for one team regardless of all their differences: The Frenchy ladies, neighborhood hunks, and university students; all together cheering in the same neighborhood transforming it to the most spontaneous carnival ever seen, a very true to the essence type of treatment that looks and feels credible and authentic. Unfortunately all of this is a huge dream or maybe a future hope initiated by Alfa, proving that natural is the main key to a guaranteed audience satisfaction..

Very engaging, Good job!


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