Exotica Valentine 2012: Love Ripples!

Exotica Valentine 2012: Love Ripples!

By Admin I : When we called their latest Christmas campaign “Feel the tragic” we were sure that the level released back then was a bit off their bright record of remarkable campaigns, and that doing the same seasonal approaches over the years, might be a super hard task to accomplish, tackling the same subjects with the same media at the same agency.

Exotica always managed to dazzle the crowds with creative campaigns whether based on human elements (for the good and the bad –  try carrying her for 9 months) or exclusively featuring their products (last year’s valentine’s campaign) yet it never got to a point of no return, until this year’s Valentine’s visual!

“Love ripples” to say that love spreads/duplicates – spread the love – love is contagious (feels like attending the dull brainstorming session) whatever this line is supposed to mean, it’s certainly coming out of nowhere, saying absolutely nothing, with a visual that fits the criteria of a cheap “constructed” advertising approach, tweaking petals to look like lips and hearts (cheesy, desperate, looks like a Lebanese mezze garnish, you call it!)

Not very proud of bashing a brand that I have cherished and appreciated for a long time, and would totally understand that such campaigns are not the typical “award-generators” for agencies, but was hoping for the minimum amount of standards aesthetically and conceptually, at least something to compare with student level works!!


  1. admin N said:

    it actually looks like a hommos platter 😛
    no but seriously? this ad is so wrong on so many levels!
    well said I.

    • Matt said:

      hehehe great one!!!
      btw vegetables related brand are having hard times lately….(clementine…cheesy i know :P)

  2. LaVonM said:

    I had an argument with my friends about this, they couldn’t understand why I can only see this visual as a hummus with a rose shaped tomato in the middle (I have a perfect photo for that, it even has carrot hearts.. Wish I can upload it)

    I think the post says it all, it’s not just about this ad, its been a while that exotica keep on disappointing us. Problem is, every once in a while, they release a good one and people just forget how bad the others were..

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