Chanel SS 2012 campaign: Celebrating the Olympics

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Chanel SS 2012 campaign: Celebrating the Olympics

By Admin I : It seems that 2012 will be the year of the Olympics in so many ways and in different fields, starting by the S/S 2012 fashion collections, and mainly the breathtaking photoshoot for the S/S 2012 Chanel campaign by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld.

The sunny, serene location appears magical in the black and white photos featuring models rope climbing, balancing on two high bars and even swimming. All in Chanel!

the contrast here definitely brings perfection to that collection!

It is indeed something different for the brand, showing movement and subtlety in the same time, reinforcing the clean cuts of Chanel with their meticulous choice of fabric that suits the modern woman, being practical yet gloriously soft!

We’re already fans of Karl Lagerfeld -the designer- and bluntly state our admiration of his photographic lens! beautiful!

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  1. Rafik said:

    I really find this campaign extremely motivating and out of what we used to see daily over the days. Celebrating the Olympics; a very flexible and unique title for a “Chanel” campaign, there is a sense of daring and self-confidence in all this.
    I shall admit that I really love and respect the technical side a lot. The atmosphere that is taking place in these pictures shown. In addition to the perfect study of balance in each picture. It is very interesting, to represent light as an element to show how fresh and full of energy the Olympics are, as the review mentioned previously: “The sunny, serene location appears magical in the black and white photos”.
    Great Job Chanel. Always special.

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