Taanayel Les Fermes “Good things never change”

Taanayel Les Fermes “Good things never change” 

To announce Taanayel Les Fermes’ new image, Allied Advertising joined hands with City Films to create a campaign that celebrates being Lebanese, being different yet close, modern yet deeply rooted, able to adapt yet never changing…

By Admin I : It’s weird how some things in that industry happen with no solid reason, just for the fact of coming up with something. anything. Sometimes i question myself on the level of awareness of agencies and clients, and being a designer myself, i totally understand the fact that some clients tend to restrict creatives to a certain approach and impose their own beliefs on them which leads to a weak campaign in general. Whether this is the case of “Good things never change” by Allied Advertising or not, it is a fact that such approaches have been abused and overused by all sorts of Lebanese advertisers and advertising agencies. starting from Fransabank, to Bank Audi to Mad Beirut and many other campaigns, this concept have been drained from all sorts of originality.

“…celebrates being Lebanese, being different yet close, modern yet deeply rooted, able to adapt yet never changing…

The concept is indeed well thought of, the copyrighting is well done, the art direction is spectacular and the production/post production came to be very appealing and professional, but do all those fact  make the ad less cliche?

Having a headline like “ghayyarna ou ma tghayyarna” or “Good things never change” can generate a whole bunch of creative ideas that could’ve brought this campaign to a whole other level and added the modern twist Taanayel is looking to through its new image while staying “pure at heart” as their slogan says.

Bottom line, this chaos in advertising is something that should be revisited, and having another “Proud to be Lebanese” campaign is not a tolerable subject anymore; so hard luck Fransabank, Audi, shooot i mean Taanayel!

  1. josef said:

    Although the treatment is similar to Fransabank (reviving our history) and maybe Audi (nostalgia)… the concept or advertising message is a rip-off! remember the old Kefraya ad (they all disagreed on everything but all agreed on the wine: Kefraya)? I don’t have the link and not sure it is there but I do remember the ad and this one is a copycat of the concept!

    • Admin I said:

      Very true, i can see what you’re talking about. all those campaigns are revolving around 1 concept and it’s becoming redundant… it is certainly a copycat of the kefraya one.. nice catch! 🙂

  2. josef said:

    found it!

    check Kefraya selling line: “the only thing the lebanese agree on!”

    • Matt said:

      no doubt: the source are always better than the copies!
      let me add disturbing to redundant for this ad….ah teta latifa where are you now?!

      • Admin I said:

        She’s on every cliche’ ad you can find!

    • Admin I said:

      :)) indeed a similar concept!

  3. Tansa biljaysh said:

    So do the “3 aspiring Graphic Designers, and 2 Advertising graduates” in charge of this site, ever did any TVC/layout/design that was remotely published so we could all BROFESSIONALLY review it, or are they just into mental m…. about being the kings of creativity?

    • Admin I said:

      We never claimed anything we are not, or having anything we don’t have. Of course we did creative stuff but there’s no point of sharing university projects. (we made it clear we’re students). Would be more than happy to share our “Professional” work whenever we have any. Cheers!

  4. hishamad said:

    they think they can create a trend that is “cute”

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