Worst 2011 advertising campaign: Results revealed

Worst 2011 advertising campaign: Results revealed

By Admin I : When we first started brainstorming to shortlist 5 on the “Worst 2011 campaign”, we faced a chaos of names, brands and campaigns simply because 2011 wasn’t exactly the best year to the advertising market, coming after a year of recession and accompanied with the outshining Arab revolutions that took every creative sector by a storm!

Another problem faced us.. we did not want to look like the “X” agency haters (yes X is the agency you’re thinking about) yet we wanted to remain as objective as we can.

Surprisingly and to prove that the year was somehow jinxed, we had leading MENA agencies in the list competing for the “worst” title. Results came expected; as we agree with the voters, we would like to clarify that some campaigns (much worse than those 5) were eliminated simply because they’re beyond, i mean beyooond bad (aka the InShape exhibition orgasming campaign and many other visual nightmares in town).

Below are the full results of the 2011 worst advertising campaign voting:

Total votes :  2182 votes (voting was between Christmas and NYE, people were busy eating!)

6 > 1% Home City soldes (mentionned by votes in the “others” section).

5 >  5% Don’t vote for me – Jeita Ad

4 > 11% Ministry of Telecom auction

3 > 15% Spinneys – all 2011 campaigns

2 > 26% Exotica Christmas – Feel the magic

1 > 30% BLC – Personal Loan campaign with Nadine el Rassi

To summarize the results, congrats for BLC campaign, and note that we did not mention the agencies behind those “masterpieces” simply because Roumieh is not very “IN” these days, even though we’d become much more famous in way less time!! (after all, I’m a diva with manners!)


  1. josef said:

    lol, not sure this list represent truly the worst since there are plenty of missing ads on this list… nevertheless it made me laugh. good job on this blog so far.

    • Admin I said:

      It doesn’t, and for sure there are missing ads, we chose from the level that we usually tackle or review, and like we said, the rest are beyooond awful, so those five made it to the list, and people had the choice to add their own vote in the “other” section…

  2. Matt said:

    blc as number one? really? honestly i prefer it to spinneys’ or the one about ministry of telecom…

  3. Esteemed Ad Critic said:

    How come the ‘Ahiram’ ad is not there?
    I think any list of worst campaigns that doesn’t include Clementine in its top 3 is not very credible.

    • Admin I said:

      Ahiram is released in 2012, and clementine is very present in the list yet we tried not to have it all by clementine so we dont look like there’s something personal .. otherwise i totally agree with u :))

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