MedGulf and DT Jeans, you say the rest!

MedGulf and DT Jeans, you say the rest!

(Wrapping up the Christmas advertising season)

By Guest G : It is odd, to open last week’s newspaper and find out that MedGulf insurance & DT Jeans are using almost the same Christmas visual.

I really don’t know who came up with the idea  first (most probably it’s a google search) but concept wise, DT ad made more sense than MedGulf.
For an insurance company, who I am sure has all the budget needed for a successful campaign, it is quiet bad for their image not noticing/noticing & ignoring the similarities between the two visual ads especially when both are using mass media…If I were MedGulf, I would have stopped the campaign right away or looked for another concept ad which will not be compared to a mainstream Jeans ad!

(DT picture credits: , Note that the Medgulf ad is a free vector design that could be easily downloaded from the internet! another failure to add! )

Brofessional Review is quite happy having Guest G as a new contributor!! Everyone can jump on the bandwagon. Yalla, show me some work! *Dramatic exit* 

  1. Matt said:

    welcome guest g !!! 🙂

  2. AdminR said:

    Welcome my dearest friend guest G :D:D

  3. Guest B said:

    Creativity ya 5aye !! shou badna n2oul l7amdella they know what their doing , w lal sara7a fi saref 😛

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