1 month of Brofessional Reviews!

Illustration by Admin I

1 month of Brofessional Reviews!

By All Admins : So, we’re basically celebrating our 1-month anniversary and let me admit… I loved every second of it, every post, every successful day and every low viewing rate!

That’s cheesy -I know- but this whole journey made me realize that the online community is indeed the hidden layer that can serve a major role in guiding the creative fields’ newcomers. Hoping that our reviews really translated your thoughts, and helped spreading awareness, even though being “subjectively objective” some times caused us trouble.

In the end, this successful effort attracted more than 5000 visitors from many countries in our first month as well as more than two fierce reactions from advertising agencies (no lawyers at the door yet!) and many loyal friends that we were able to communicate with, whether on twitter or facebook.

The whole team (Admin I, H, N, D & R) thanks our visitors and promise to keep the thrill going; we used to say “we’re a bunch of Lebanese minds having fun in a brofessional* way”  but now we can add “proud” to that description !

Cheers! *virtual Champaign* to everyone !! 

  1. Matt said:

    congrats y’all guys and keep it Brofessional and Broud !!!

    • Admin I said:

      very BROUD of having you with us 😀

  2. AdminR said:

    woooohooooo i am extremely haBBy !!!

    • Admin I said:

      HAHAH eh we’re all anticiBating your new Bost !

  3. Mouli said:

    Congrats BeoBle!
    KeeB uB the Brofessional’n’Good work 😉 😀

  4. Admin I said:

    hehe, Thanks Mouli ! Glad we have you as a loyal reader !! you can write your own Bosts* whenever you want, just feel free !!

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