Clorets goes social media

(Youtube links for the two ads with an egyptian slang voice over)

Clorets goes social media

By Admin R : It is weird how recently gum ads are flooding the streets and Tvs with hugely designed campaigns, especially that the product itself is considered mainstream, which adds to the exposure of those campaigns that could easily become cheesy and overdone.

Many gum ads are worth featuring especially the Trident outdoors, that will be reviewed in an upcoming post, focusing currently on the unexpected TV commercials for “Clorets” : Socialize!

Well, Clorets did make its way to the mass by its brilliant  social media concept for it’s new TV commercial, that still deals with that “eternal gum USP : “the fresh breath” but with a new approach driving people to socialize; The very well art directed commercial features teenagers stuck in their facebook/twitter yet social killer medium, afraid to face   the world with a dreadful breath.

When you first watch it, you get attracted by the visual approach, yet you still wonder about the product until you reach the final scene, the revealer, which tells everything, and breaks the rhythm (mainly breaks the creative flow) and ends as most of the gum ads do. kudos to the copywriting and the execution, besides everything has already been done anyway, right?!

  1. I love this ad! that’s really smart and creative.. most of all its a new approach that still delivers a clear and direct msg.

  2. maroun cherfan said:

    By advertising one of the big five personality traits which in this case is “extraversion” , clorets can benefit from the trace that evolution left in human’s instinct: the need to socialize.

  3. Christel said:

    any idea who’s the ad agency behind this?

    • Admin I said:

      will do our best to provide you with an answer asap 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      The agency is “Starcom MediaVest Group MENA”. 🙂

  4. vanessa said:

    Thanks! by the way it was automatically set to christel’s e-mail address..i’m from communicate levant and i’ve been trying to find the agency behind this campaign for the past month!

    • Admin I said:

      Thanks Vanessa. who sent it to Christel’s email !? you mean the agency contacted her or was it a notification of my reply?! Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂

  5. vanessa said:

    i mean the comment was signed by christel and i didn’t bother changing it at first. So she probably received an e-mail on something she had nothing to do with. actually, i don’t even know who christel is :)…anyway, will surely be keeping up with your blog!

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