Benetton UNHATE campaign

Benetton UNHATE campaign

Admin N : There has been a lot of posts tackling advertising campaigns on this blog and I wanted to steer away from this subject but I could not resist the temptation of writing about this campaign.

It was a Wednesday night when my friend posted the campaign on facebook and I was dumbfounded. I kept staring at this marvel that has unraveled in front of me and I was in love. It was simply amazing, unlike anything I’ve seen before and very controversial (my kind of things).

Ok, now enough with the feelings, let’s get down to business. The ad itself has been described as sensational, jaw-dropping, provocative and offensive. It’s an integrated campaign that features two political/religious figures that have been known to be fighting, or at least not on good terms, kissing! With a simple headline: UNHATE. You can understand why people may have trouble accepting such ads, it defies every major taboo out there and may cause discomfort to a lot of religious or conservative individuals out there. But nonetheless, once you remove that sensitivity filter between your eyes and brain, you will be able to see past the offense to your personal believes and get the real message that Benetton is trying to convey: UNHATE. Remove the hatred from your heart; open your heart and love. A campaign I predict was a result of the homosexual and bullying related suicides that happened in the US lately, the on-going religious troubles that have been happening around the world (especially in the middle-east) and the not-so-positive political feuds.

Thumbs up to Benetton!

Benetton Guerillas

Research credits : Matteo Fortezza

A last thing to note, this campaign actually brings to mind a Berlin wall mural, for Brezhnev and Honecker kissing, a great source of inspiration, for a campaign that deals with the same global issues, dating from the Berlin wall and climaxing in today’s worldwide revolutions and rebells.


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