An unemployed interviewee’s journey 1:

Illustration by Admin I

An unemployed interviewee’s journey 1:

By Admin H : After many interviews and some internships at some of the new agencies in town, I got to know what it takes to become a general manager in a design company; so if you have the qualifications below, aim high and don’t underestimate yourself. We’ve got the perfect position for you.

–        You’ve got absolutely 0 knowledge of competitor agencies in town.

–        You think you only lack marketing.

–        You think design, advertising, promotion, and selling veggies all come in the same bag.

–        You have no clue of what’s happening in the field.

–        You make interns/interviewees explain technical design words.

–        You know nothing about the post you are interviewing people for.

–        You think multitasking = design, media planning, client servicing, cleaning and all the rest*.

–        You think a secretary is an efficient copywriter.

–        You don’t know what copywriting means.

–        You gossip about your clients’ sexuality.

Facing such GMs can actually have very positive consequences, you would re-think of your major, or at least go back for a masters, or in the worst scenarios accept their job offers.

Good luck !


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